Thursday, August 31, 2006

Teacher's Day, with no teachers.

Nothing much really happened yesterday. So didn't blogged about it. But i wanted, didn't had the time though. Went to school, had many free periods so i slept. As i was so sleepy and had late nights the past few days. Had oral after school. I felt that i did quite well though. Confident. And went lunch with kelvin and proceeded home. Such a robotic life. Hahs.

Today, didn't go school for teacher's day celebration. It was a waste of time anyway. Skipped school together with Kelvin and planned to eat lunch together. He visited his school, so i followed. Man, should have gone back to Yishun Pri. Hahs. It was kinda boring at Kelvin's school. Nothing really much to do. Luckily i had my PSP to accompany me. It has also been years sinced i heard Janice voice. Hahs, no change though, she ain't a boy. LOL.

Went to Kelvin's house as planned and Ck also came. There, nothing much happened. Kelvin with his "GREAT" mind learnt photoshop CS. Very difficult for me to teach too. Hah. And Ck was at there kept playing my PSP.
Kelvin became so bored, and went CSing. Haiz, i want to play too! So we took turns. Boring though.

Nothing much really happened there, only i realised i failed to get my SOTD. Kinda sad though as i had confidence in my recent skin. Went for early dinner as a weight-losing plan for kelvin. But i am contradicting myself, as i want to gain weight myself.

Went home, but Dad was at home. Couldn't use the computer for long as usual. Haiz, he is asking me to off it now. Man, why he is always like that. Although i use long, but its the HOLS!

Just want to say sorry, Janice. Can't go back with you to YPS, but i am so keen to meet you!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Effed up life, yet not so.

Okay. Yesterday and today. Man, i can't remember almost a single thing about yesterday. Crap. My memory is getting worst.

Okay about today. Was so tired. Woke up late. And my dad, i wonder why other people can just have such caring dad. My father, now he don't wants to even fetch me to causeway point which is the MRT station and instead to Marsiling. Plain lazyness. Last time, he would fetch my brothers to school, now what about me? Don't even care. Eff the hell out of my life, god damnit. And if its late, he would say that he will be caught in the jam so i have to take bus. If its early, he would say that i have time to take bus so don't fetch. Excuses all the way.

School was normal today. Nothing really happened. Kind of effed up by Mr Chin when he minus my oral marks when i talked in class. A really idiotic and stupid teacher. I always thought he was kind-hearted and caring. It turned out the opposite.

Its really such a materialistic world. Now, almost everyday when i go school, people would treat me better, and also asked for my PSP. Haiz.

The excursion after school was fun, fun-times are mostly in the bus and we could chat alot. But come to think of it, nothing really happened as what Kelvin said. It was kind of boring there too, learning about the World War II. But its cool, knowing thats the exact spot where the surrender was signed.

My hp got confiscated by Mrs Lai for half an hour. Man, shes kind of bad. I only wanted to make her laugh. So i went home with Kelvin before even getting my hp back. Kelvin don't want to stay back. And worse if its 30mins. Went dinner with him. And there, i could see that he was indeed excited about skinning. Hahs.

Went home and started teaching him from the basics. He is really a fast learner. I hate to teach slow people. But he could know what and where i was talking about. Except that he could not code. Helped him quite alot, and now his skin is warmly welcomed.

Early in the day today, during PW. I saw xiaxue's blog and i wondered why did it attracted so many people. Does her looks also attract people? Wondered why. Kinda admired her for what she is earning from her blog now. Wonder when i could be like her.

It would be a nice day when people treat you well. Felicia wanted and started to treat me better for the last few days. Not saying that she DO NOT treat me well last time, but better. It makes you happy when someone does that. It makes you feel welcomed.

This is about today and some of yesterday's bits i guess.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

SOTD, fear of Future.

It has been like quite some days again sinced i blogged. And i totally forgot what happened the day before. Maybe will blog it if i remember.

I still could remember yesterday, kind of. Was so bored. Had to go school actually, but i thought i don't need to as told by NICOLAS. Damn i needed to. But i also totally forgotten about my chinese oral. Wonder what will Mr Soon say on monday. *fears the worst*

I was so bored. Almost nothing to do. Went lunch with my brother, ate at Marsiling. But the day was so lighten up. Why is the sun so active these few days. Guess that there would be showers next week. *predictions*

Nothing to do, surf for pictures. No inspiration. Until Kelvin Tan gave me a job. To make a bleach skin for him and he sent me a picture. Got inspiration immediately but i was still watch bleach espisode 93 then. Man, 94 will be such an exciting one. Kariya and Byakuya. Took quite fast to complete the skin. Simple and complicated. Very pleased with it, but i don't know about kelvin.

Man, he took great pains to get the blog up. He don't even know a single about html. Argh. Nvm, what's friend for anyway. But i just wonder, is he really my friend?

Went to ate with my brother who just booked out of army for 3 days. When i called him to ask where is, i called the wrong number. And i asked, Gor, where you now. And the opposite party suddenly shouted "HUH?!" In a very funny tone! The worse thing was the voice was so alike. So i aplogised and he said "oh, okay." Suddenly change. Hahs.

Fetched my brother from MRT. Then my dad asked him why he didn't called, he said that he had too much things to do. I first though it was very tough, then he said got pool, got darts, got lan, got Xbox and PS2. Omg, chalet arh. Cos he sergeant already.

That was my night spent. Then midnight, my mom hp rang. It was from the alarm system of her office. She didn't arm the alarm so had to go all the way back to her office, during midnight. Man, i had to follow. Nvm, brought my PSP along. But surprisingly, the taxi driver was so talkative and kept talking. Very friendly. And he stay just few blocks away. It was quite fun.

Reached home very late, about 2 and slept.

The next day, today. Woke up early, compared to the time i slept. 9. Submitted Kelvin's skin and was hoping no one pulls it down. Indeed, no one did. And i got my third Skin of the Day. Great news, but i feared the worst. Will tomorrow be another bad day like before? Hope not. But it was a good day today.

Equivalent Exchange, my believes.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Good day, bad day.

What a great day was it, the day before. Came home, realised the skin i rushed out got SOTD. Nahs, i knew it even before i came home. Biying was the first one to congratulate me. =D thanks. But it seems that it wasn't really welcomed by other skinners. I could feel that they didn't like it. Got kind of pissed of by Anne's comments, but who cares.

My fate was sealed. My believes were truth. The next day, was bad, so bad. Equivalent exchange i guess. if you get something good, there would be something bad waiting for you. School hours were normal, nothing really happened. Only when school almost ended, i flared. Everyday, there's end of day prayer as usual. But i had some homework to rush out so i just continued writing. But valerie, as a christian, snatched my pen away and didn't want to return. Wtf, i am not a christian so why should i pray. I got so angry, wow, guess what came out of my mouth. But i had enough of her, for so many months. Can't say what came out of my mouth, may relate to a racial riot.

When i came home, Anne starts to piss me off. During a mass convo, she purposely -thats what i felt- asked if i hated her for the 4.5stars she given me. Of course, i did what i normally do. But her character was pissing me totally off.

Then Stella told me to join a conference call with Shimin. That's when i heard that Valerie would actually blog about the incident. Incurred my warth, but who cares anyway. Just let her be. It was fun chatting with them though.

I submitted my new skin and i realised that when i offended Anne, LEK, no, only the L (lionheart) starts to hate me. And everone else too. They said i was cocky about my SOTD and other sorts. When did i shown my cocky-ness? Everyone changed their attitude already.

But today wasn't such a bad day. Woke up quite early, compared to the time i slept yesterday. Used the computer but had nothing really to do. Surf for images. Smsed with the sad Dawn. I always wonder, can a relationship affect a person so much. Can it even change the person's character, as i didn't really been into one before. That's why i always say, don't get into a relationship. Its all puppy love, unless you want to be a puppy then.

Nothing really happened today. So bored, yet can't go out, with empty pockets. Changed my blog layout totally. Its damn cool. To me of course. And got a job from kelvin to make his skin which i did it quite fast. He totally don't know a single thing about html codes. Argh.

People in blogskins are getting more and more despicible. Wrong spelling i guess. They used artist names to flame people who had used the artist arts on their skin. Total shown their cowardice. And i already know who is doing it, don't want to say it out though. Everything started since the pincel3d incident i guess.

That was my day i guess. Maybe not, that is. The day's not ending yet. Its only 5:45.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Man, have been taking late night sleeps these few days. School hours are becoming more and more tiring. And i seemed to have black eyes~ Scared. I an vain, who's not.
It's again a normal, robotic day. Everything's normal. Mr Teo was bad. Truly, i didn't know i had to pass the file up by friday. Had to rush by today night, still, got school service. It's not really school service, he just want servants, maids, to help him clean the DnT labs. I wonder why all DnT teachers are the same. They are just so insane.
Got back literature test today. First, i was unhappy about my results. But i changed my way to mind and thought how bad i could be. Happy guy now. 15/25, not very bad eh?
Three periods consequtively for DnT and english were killing. Total killing. Copied homework as usual for english though. Zong Qin is such a good person.
Kind of rushed home by Xueli and others. Kaihui had his 2X exp for maplestory. Its a lame/stupid game for me, although i once played before. Reached home early, 4pm. And had to pick my brother from army at 5:30. Rushed a skin out. Nahs, didn't really rush. I don't even know i was going until my dad told me so.
Slept in the car, tired, for these days. So tired. That very tired. Ate dinner, sumpcious dinner. And went to white sands as my brother wanted to go to the library for some books. Kinda nuts to me though. And he went back to his camp and we went home.
Learnt somethings from him. Army, its not really 2 years. The first year is tough, real tough. But the 2nd year, you command. You slack. That's all.

Monday, August 21, 2006

I didn't, and flared.

Okay, its sunday. My parents are nuts, no, not my parents. My dad. He wants to take us out for a picnic. So whats makes a picnic. FOOD~. And we go so little, just enough to fill the stomach, and what kinda of food? Chicken rice, satay, Hokkien Mee. Yeah right. Total stupidity. He can't take words, he just takes it too hardly. Kinda psycho for me. Just a screw it and he gets so effing angry.
It wasn't really a picnic, just riding the bike and smsing, smsing of course, friends~. Biking was lame, rode from one side of East Coast Park to another. Then my brothers and i joked about being a distraction on the pathway. Like the real car traffic, you can't have neon lights as its such a distraction. Same applied to the park. Wear bikini?! Hahs, so AA.
Riding the bike spent most of the time. After an hour's ride, i took a rest. A forced one. As there was another hour of cycling, my dad wanted to cycle and took my bike. Why not the other, my brother's bike. Its always the same. Heng, got sms partner, if not i would be total boreness.
There were crossfire, the real one going on. Laser guns. So cool, wanted to play, but guess that i didn't have the money. So sat by and watch how some of them died. Kinda fun though when some got shot from where they don't even know.
It was a tiring day, although i did nothing. Reached home at about 9 when i used the computer from 10. Can't believe it, i could make a skin in just 30mins. Hahs, but got rate down immediately. Don't really care already. I was so tired. Just want to sleep. Gwen hasn't been well these few days too. Quarrels with parents. So, most of our problems is by our parents huh?
Today, almost late for school. But didn't of course. It was boring as usual. Mrs Lai lesson was also fun. Hahs, she brought the japanese teachers to our class. It was so weird, we were learning about the japanese occupation and with japanese in our class. Don't think they really know what we are learning anyway.
But today, i couldn't curb my anger, especially to someone i have been for so long. Wenyi, she always gets on my nerves, but i could endure. This time i had enough. I was really really so mad then. Heng, not so bad like last time. She also said sorry already so i just let it be.
Mr Soon also went overboard this time. Wanted to show his prowess to the Japs students in our class. Haiz~ Had to study in the parade square. Luckily principal didn't came out.
That was my school hours today. Choir practice was still in wait for me. Already so tired. Slept in most of the class. Still got practice. Still went though, but i had to rush my homework before choir practice and after. Not rushed, but rushingly copied. Kinda bad though but i don't really care. I'd just needa know the formulae.
Soccer was tedious, and went joined the meeting among seniors of the farewell party in waiting for cherie to go home with her.
I came home quite late as the meeting last long. And my brother said the computer crash. As if. He changed from hang, to crash. Omg. Computer genius. Hahs.
Still, homework~. Have not done a single of DnT. And its Mr Teo. Kinda worried for YingJun though. Don't know why she so sad.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just a normal day.

Okay, its today, yet i am still talking about yesterday. Always lazy to blog. When would ever be a recording device which records every second of your life, it would be much much better.

Lets see. Have been having late night sleeps these few days. So tired in the day. Slept during literature class as usual. Felt kinda bad though. Mr White is a good teacher. Yet i am sleeping in his class, but his voice is just so soothing so sleep. Unlike during english class, i have the time to sleep but i can't. Mr Chin's voice irritates me so much.

Didn't have the intention of going choir today. But Cherie STOLE my bag so that i would go. Hahs. Luckily i went, if not, 40 sit-ups. Wondered what happened to Wenjun and Derek. They seemed lost. Choir was fun, learning the french song, which the bass-es totally swirl their way though.

Played about 15min soccer and went home with PAM and Cherie. And it was a bad choice. They STOLE my handphone and dragged me to their house vioddeck which was so far from causeway point. Hahs, had to walk back. Kinda fun anyway.

Every morning, assembly. I always got no where to sit. GuanRu is always pushing me away and like, making me an outcast. Mr Wang told me to sit at the back, and when i look back at the class, i felt that i was really an outcast, no one really cares about me. Can't say that about other friends from other class. I just love to chat with online-known friends. They don't care about my past, or they don't even know. Still, i don't know why i am kinda hated.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

DAMN, the day.

Haiz~ Didn't blog for so many days. I wondered who would read my blog anyway. So, anger in me today, disolved the past day's memories. Brain juices got disspitated. Oh god.
Still, could remember some though. 2 days ago, during assembly. The teachers conducted a hair check. Damn. Mr Wang didn't want to catch me, got sabo-ed by mr Lim. Greats. *sacarsm intended* Heng, this wasn't my first time cutting. So i kinda knew the barber. Worked things out with him, sort of. Hahs, and he only cut abit. Wenjun and Andrew were like totally jealous. But $6 flew away. Awww. Got back my DnT papers too, failed. Badly. 19/25. Haven't told my mom about it yet. She don't really care about DnT anyway. Yeah. That was the day.
Can't remember what happened the next day, so skipped. Today, was so furious. Literally, furious. Start of the day was normal, everything was going fine. Lent the psp game i always brought to school to Raymond, in exchange for another. It was a fine trade. Only until i lent Casey my psp. He exchange the game again with Christopher, and the psp, which was kelvin lim's got confiscated. Man, but the game? How the heck i explain to my bro.
Was so frustrated then. Thought of a good idea. Lent from kelvin both of his game as a guarrentor for the game so that my bro wouldnt so kp. Haven't told him though. *cross fingers*
Then, what's worst. The effing parent librarian. I was chatting using the computer, got caught and banned IMMEDIATELY. One of the sec2 senior say warning only, but the effing parent say she can change the rules. Totally biased against me. Damn, totally scolded her upside down. Didn't use vulgarities though, i ain't that stupid to do so. That was the damn day.
Made some blogskins too. Only submitted one, others weren't up to my standards. I feel juset so inferior when i found this new design site with cool image. I am just so lousy to the design industry.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sick, flu.

What kinda day is it? Well, normal. How good can a school day be? Got back my maths results, wonder if i should be sad or happy. Lost to many people i shouldn't, but i also pity the people who got lower than me. Caught in the middle. It wasn't good anyway, still it is better than my mid-year's.
History lesson was fun as usual. The teachers are the one who make it fun, so guess that this is a good teacher. She also gave me the 'want' to study for history. Must get good grades, pressure from my family, even if its not verbally shown. My brothers, both of them, topped their school. Haiz.
English, as usual, stupidity. Locked out of the class as we were late of class. How is it our fault? The previous teacher didn't want to release us early. But his lessons were stupid anyway, not stupid enough for my intellegience. Showed us a documentary on Mount Krakatoa, interested me anyway, but still a boring lesson. Was kind sabo-ed by christopher for an answer asked by the teacher, and he purposely gave me the wrong one. Was called to stand, but didn't really cared.
School hours were normal, boring, after school was the same. Choir practice. Was hell for me though. Had a bad flu today. Real bad. Couldn't sing, was slacking all the time. But was so uncomfortable. Runny nose, teary and tired eyes, seemed like a drug-addict. Mrs Wong was very concerned too and asked me if i was sick. Wondered why so many people dislike her, she is quite a nice person.
The flu is also killing me now. Runny nose, can't breathe properly. Feel so sick. Needa doc~!
Just want to tell Gwen. Sorry, can't sms you in school, all because of my sucky handphone. No reception. Damnit. And good luck for your common tests~!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gwen~! Hahs. Nice lil' girl.

Getting slower on my posts. Don't really have the time to blog. Cant't use the computer much, as my brother is nuts. Don't want to talk much about him.
Friday = Nothing
So i skipped to the weekends. Its the weekends. Lonely me again i guess. Hahs. I am always like this when its not a school day. No one to talk to, no company. But 'met' this new girl from blogskins. Very friendly, named gwen.
She conforted me when i was sad, calmed me down when i was furious (as always, with the people at blogskins), although it should be the opposite. Hahs. Very nice girl to sms. Spent like 120 messages per day! Wouldn't really care. Didn't sms for the last few weeks, why not spent as much as i can now.
But i worry for her bills, maybe it already exploded. Worry. Even now, at 1143, i am still chatting with her.
Had late nights for the past few days. Don't know why. Was tired, but can't get to bed. Gwen, was my company. She said she always have late nights anyway. LOL.
Nothing much really happened this 2 days. Just, waking up, getting to bed. That's all.
Maybe its only that my brother came back from taiwan, from army. Yah, and took my time away from the computer. He hog on it all day long.
The day my family went to get him from the airport, it was a 1oclock landing. Hahs, and gwen was again my company. But i fell asleep in the car on the way there, and she did too. Luckily, if not she would really have panda eyes.
Can't wait to meet her, with ben and others.
I am like, typing backwards of time. Cool huh? This was my weekend i guess.

You may call me a flirt, i wouldn't care.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The few days spent.

Woah. It has been long, since my last post. Nothing really happened, or maybe i am just plain lazy myself. Did really nothing during free days. Days with no school. But kind of enjoyed school, after school i should say. NDP rehersal was fun, with cherie and cherlyn.
Monday, can't really remember what happened during school hours. Only remembered that chinese teacher, Mr Soon, was so unreasonable. The Common Test paper he set for us was totally out of the book~! He told us to revise chapter 16-19, yet words from chapter 21-26 came out! What's does he thinks he's doing?
Yet the reason he gave us was to test our IQ knowledge. He says that chinese is not about chapters and all sorts. Man, i was so fed up then. And he didn't want to gave us our papers as we made alot of noise, arguements, then.
But still, he gave us. I was so shocked about my results. 61~! Although my "han zi" had almost all blanks, i still got 61! It was one of my best results! Did quite well at the back of the paper. Done it very well i should stat it. I was happy, yet wasn't that happy. I could get 75+ if i got the "han zi" correct! But wouldn't really care as i did quite well.
It was the end of school, but there were still NDP rehersals. Enjoyed it. Chatted alot with cherie and cherlyn. Didn't know cherlyn was quite "playful" as i always thought of her as a cold girl. But i didn't really rehearsed, i was in the canteen enjoying my drink while the choir was rehersing. Kinda ran away, but i was oblivious to it. I was actually having a drink with them, but they ran away but i still continued resting in the canteen. Kinda my fault though.
It was a fun day i guess. But rehersals were tiring, not as in very tiring, sweated so much as it was hot, made me stink. Which made me think i am tired. Its all in the mind i guess. And went home after that.
The next day, it was NDP~! The eve to be exact. But my school was celebrating. Wore choir tee and jeans to school which i felt weird in. Other people on the streets were like red and white. Met cherie and pam at woodlands and went school together. It was quite early though. Reached woodlands at 645 and reached school at about 715?
Choir had so much seats, we were like so kiasu. Other cca were like 5 people to a bench, while we, 2 to one. Very spacious indeed. We don't really care though. The parade was fun though. Can't really remember. Only remembered that i and cherlyn were like sitting beside each other, yet smsing each other. Weird huh? She also teased Dexter and Sherman, nicknamed them as plateau for their hairstyle. Totally agreed though~!
After school, actually planned to go out with cherie and pam, but after we bought bbt, waited for someone -cherie's crush, or the opposite- and i changed my mind. Felt that i was kinda extra there as they were couples.
Went home and created a new blogskin. Was kinda welcomed though. Many people commented, made my day.
It was NDP, the real day, next day. Nothing really was done. My parents were both at home, so they cooked lunch, and dinner after that. I wanted SOTD that day, yet can't get it. Felt that my skin could~! Disappointed. The chance will come again some day.
Wanted to go out, yet my heart told me not too. Didn't know why, i felt like going, yet felt not. Maybe just tired, mentally and physcally. I am always at the thought that i don't have friends, but i am trying to stop it. Yet, i feel its getting true, so true. I just feel lonely, so lonely on holidays.
The next day, still, wanted to go out with noeleen and others, still didn't. The next day is today of course. Made a new skin again. It seems like making skin is such a simple job, of course, its not us that make the image, deviantors do. That's why i am dreaming of becoming a vector artist. Kinda far away dream.
My brother too is getting on my nerves. Eff the hell out of him. Selfish arse. One day, i will just get the hell out of him.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wierdest dream.

Just woke up, from a weird, nerve-racking dream. It was so real, like in reality.
One day, i invited a few people to my house for dinner. The thing is, they were all girls i known from the internet, i was american-like as people from america are very open.. There dream is very clear and i could remember even the details. I don't even know their ages. Then there's one girl i really liked and we contacted each other. Everything was just so weird. And when we were somewhere at a shopping centre, i asked her how old she was, same as me. And she don't looked like a 14.
There was one day when i was out with her, some where in a park if i am correct. We met her mom. Her mom asked how old i was, and she was like shaking her head not to tell her, still i told her 14 and she didn't allow me to be together with her. She says she want a boy younger than her. Its like OMG? But we didn't cared and continue to meet each other. Its very weird. I don't even know her name. Everything that happened, happened in scenes! Flashing through my mind.
One day, i found out that my brother didn't came home that night. He was abducted, and we realised that her mother was the person who did the deed. I also don't know how, but she did. But this kidnapping is very weird. They don't tie their victim, they just let him stand there. But my brother is too scared to run. Her mom demanded a ransom, but for my character, its a no-no. I don't even knew the amount. And my family went to rescue him. Was kinda successful, it was in a shopping center. And we at last found our brother standing in the middle. No strings tied, only that her mom was watching some time. My brother even asked me, where's the money. I was like oh man. At a point she wasn't looking, i grapped my brother and ran off. Was found out and they started chasing. We were all almost in the car except me, when they reached and tried to take over the steering. She, my girl, got the steering and i was kikced out of the car by don't know whom. The girl i trusted. But she didn't really drive the car, it skided and overturn. And i knew (from the game GTA that when a car overturn it will explode) that it would explode and called them to get out quickly but i didn't dared to rescue. It indeed exploded but the car inside was explode-proof but i only found her, a litte injured but where are my family?
She laughed. Like all those guys from movies, bad guys. I grapped her and threathened her to tell me where are they. She laughed.
Suddenly, my family members, one by one, walked out from a corner, all looked different. She had changed them. And she threw me a sort of VCD casing and i read the story line on the cover, like all VCD casing. We were in a movie, and i continued reading, my family had been changed to Shawers, which will listened to the emperor, her mother. But they still knew who am I!
Then, i woke up from my sleep. I really thought that it was real, so real. I only have something to say, don't judge the book by its cover. This is the clearest and weirdest dream i ever had, is there a message in it or something, really don't know. There of course more to it, but they don't really make sense, so i think i should not type it. Can't really have a clear image anyway.

Nothing really happened this 2 days. CTs were my only worry. Science was quite easy, chinese was crazy. Thing we have not learnt in chpter 21-26 came out, when we were taught to learn from 16-19. History lesson that day was fun, as we had alot of laugher. Everyone contibuted to the laughter. It was fun, indeed. The next day is lit. and maths. Maths paper was tough, kept skipping questions at first and realised i skipped almost all the questions. Flipped back and irealised i could do many of them. Maybe starting didn't really have the spirit to do. Still, left out few questions. Lit, was easy. Mr White is funny, took away my fear during exam. Wrote alot, maybe crap, wouldn't know. Don't need to study much actually, they already gave you a passage where you have to explain it. After school also stayed back to do science project which i ought to hand up few weeks ago. My teacher is really a good guy, Mr Lim. Wanted to go for lunch with noeleen and others, but they totally got on my nerves and i just walked away. They, just like everyone, said that i sucked or something. Hate these people. Ate lunch alone in school, who cares. Went to library to do the project. Where i met yannting and others. At the end, they said i disturb them from doing their project. It was toally the OPPOSITE! And blamed me for not letting them do the project. I also wasn't able to finish my project on time. The computer crashed when i was trying to save it. Was scared, still i went to Mr Lim and he said he let me hand up on monday as i was hardworking to stay back in school to do. He is a good teacher. Then the library was closing so we went to the canteen to finish their project. Bought some drinks and i was forced to treat them, but they started to splash BARLEY water at me. I wanted to scold them, but curbed my anger. Just hate people who had gone overboard and continued to. Was able to grap my bag and rushed off for home. With kelvin tan and others. But i couldn't get into the train station. MY CARD WAS STILL IN THE LIBRARY AND IT WALREADY CLOSED. Didn't know how i can go home. At last, could grap a buck or 2 from my wallet. Bought a single ticket. Phew. But i thought, what did i do before to have that as retribution. As i always thought everything is about equivalent exchange.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CTs, Christians.

Today, history common test. Didn't really studied much about chapter 1-3. And totally wasted my time on chapter 4. Only a two mark question came out of it. The test difficult was so-so. Had crapped alot in it i guess. Had some last-minute revisions in the morning. On the way school in the mrt. But it seems that i could absorb the most during then~! Learnt alot of chapter 2, which helped me alot. Mrs Lai is really a good and friendly teacher, realised more of that today. She would wave at you if you are far away. A teacher waving at you~! Like a friend. Always joked with her, same for today. Realised why i didn't really liked christians today, SOME only. During chapel, they talked about the mosquitoes but didn't really said why God made it this way. They said mosquitoes bite, but it helped in pollination. NO LINK. Pastors are also hard-core. It seems like they are always threathening. Like they will say, when you die, you must make a personal account to God. And if you can't answer, muahahha. It seemed threathening to me. But still, this is only for SOME of them. Others are fine, good friends too. Tommorrow is Science CT, Chinese too. And i am so damn worried now. Didn't revise chinese, a little i guess. Science, chapter 10 is not even looked through. Gotta do it now.
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Flash, new? Not anymore.

Title DO really sounds weird. But still, i feel like a total noob to it. Just started learning the day before and have some works of it. Man, i really need a teacher to really teach me. Nothing really happened this few days. Worried for CTs, just like now, i am totally worried for history. English was overestimated i guess. I didn't know that CTs only have paper 2, without summary even. Was kinda happy when i found out. The paper was easy, only then, i had a diaherrea. Was fedup. So unlucky. Other lessons were normal, DnT was not so boring, as i was busy copying my lit. homework. English, need not say. Always the same, but i kept talking to mavis and gang. And got scolded, not really. Just warnings. Ate lunch with Elain, uncommonly rare. Went out very less with her, although we are "close". Went home after school but wasted alot of time on the way home. Elain pulled me into a train which i was not suppose to take. Hahs. And belicia also took my history notes and i had to go back to the market behind school to get it back, also went home with them. That's my day today i guess. Normal, yet happy as i wasn't unhappy. I love learning new things, but i always face many obstacles. Like now, learning flash, its getting on my nerves. Taking away all my time, no time to revise already. Haiz, gonna burn the midnight oil~.