Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My 130th post

It has been years, indeed years, since I hath blogged. So what about it. So busy lately, but its seems to me that I am wasting my time. Why not try finding some work? No one wants to hire. A week ago, I've got this kinda ulcer on my lower lips. Such ulcer was it, I couldn't eat. It became so swollen, just like a "sasusage". How I was so mad at myself why didn't I seen the doctor instead of hearing what parents say. Eat don't know what "cooling" medicine. It wasn't even an ulcer, an infection. Grah. Luckily, no need cut open, or I would've died. Okay, I went out with Phoebe same timeline when I was having my "ulcer". When to find work at KFC and they said they would call me. It seems like there's none. Hate it. This week was horrendous for me. But I didn't know why I felt quite happy with my life a few days ago. And when you are sad, you feel the week's saddening. Crapped'up. Choir's tee is out already. That's was my happiness I guess. 50+ people wearing your design. Isn't it great? Though I felt it wasn't really nice. Nothing much to say about my week, going to St. Gabriel for Singout rehersals and such. Today was quite a bad day too, but who really cares. I always thought my life's had changed to better, but yet I feels not. When I looked into my msn list, who really cares?