Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Ok, what has been stopping me from blogging? The lack of time, and just plain laziness. Sigh, so previous posts about blogging can save your life, I guess its all shit now. :X Anyway, to me, its kinda' a MUST MUST to blog about how I celebrated Christmas!

Yay! How should I say it, I no longer feel lonely anymore. Don't really think it temporary or something. Just, I feel that friends are always around. :D

Woke up on christmas eve, didn't really thought that I would be going out. Never in my life have I celebrated Christmas. Some time in the afternoon, Pamela, my gooooooood friend called me and asked me out to celebrate christmas. And now I still wondered how the heck I rejected her. But I called her again 2 hours later and we went out! We tried asking more people out, but it doesn't seemed that anyone had the time to go out with us. Pamela wanted to eat steamboat, but somehow, as she thought of meeting her friend in Orchard, our dream of steamboat kinda' tarnished. :X I spent $10 even before meeting her, $5 on my belt, and $5 for my MRT card to travel, gawd.

It was a funny trip there tho'. We kept laughing and laughing, but when I think back now, what on earth are we laughing about?! I guess its just the company which lifts the mood. So when you're sad, always be with a friend!

When we got to Orchard, it was like "Oh my God!" How do I describe it. In Chinese, theres a idiom which goes like Humans look like the mountains and the seas. :X Pardon me if my translation is bad. It was so difficult to even out of the MRT station, and it was even worse getting to Far East Plaza to meet Pamela's friend.

It wasn't really meeting her friend, but friends. Ok, and we were scammed to do some donation for a organization that kinda' helps teenagers. I seriously don't trust them! :X And I still owe Pamela $2 for the donation. Anyway, they were all quite friendly people, tho' most of them turn out to be Christian. :X Except Shawn. Lol, hes' a Christian traitor. xD And we, Pamela and me, were kinda' hungry, so we went to Cineleisure. We made there somehow, walking with thousands of people, squeezing through the streets. It was quite fun tho', but it was really hot at there. Its like, the way penguins work, you know. Clumbing all together, temperature increase greatly. We reached there somehow tho' and thought, "At last, air-con!" But the air-con there was weak too. :X We couldn't really get a place to eat, even the restaurants were full. Got a few seats in Pastamania too, and I ate beef Lasane, it has been quite some time since I ate beef tho'. :(

Then we went back on the streets to get some fun spraying. I used my first can so I had the very urge to get another. Kinda' got some sellers, or should I say some Aunties, selling. Bought 5 for $10, paid $4 to Shawn's brother, but somehow got one only, as I don't wanna be seen as the selfish guy. However, a few of the spray cans got confiscated after a few minutes. Phew, I kept mine, but it was still confiscated during a spray can fight. :D The police caught hold of me, sigh, there goes my fun. So we were left with not many spray cans, so we just went to find more sellers. Couldn't really find anyone selling again.. And we wanted to countdown already.

Maybe the others had a place in mind, becos' I don't really know where were we walking to. Kinda' rested for awhile to cool down as it was so hot in the crowd, and continued squeezing thru'. We reached Heeren somehow.. And NewUrbanMale was having somewhat a party outside. So we waited there for the countdown. It was kinda' lame tho', the Balcony had a countdown, and they went like "5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Merry Christmas!" And a few minutes later, the NewUrbanMale shop then started their countdown. So this means that Jesus had different birthtimes? :D

It was fun tho', after the countdown, everyone started spraying each other. Feel so sad, as I didn't had a spray can. Got attack, sprayed, ran, and squatted on the floor. I thought that they would stop, they made me into a ice cream. :D But they're all so friendly, after spray, they would go like "Merry Christmas!" Weird huh. And one of our friends, or should I say shawn's friend got into some trouble when she was pulled from the back and fell down. Sigh, didn't want to bother tho', don't even know them. O.o And went to party at the NewUrbanMale shop. Its kinda' lame tho', there were only some Banglas dancing themselves. Its utter digusting when two Banglas grine each other. Eww. Shawn and friends didn't dared to go out and dance tho' they're dancers. But at least there were two poppers there, other than the Banglas. I gotta learn dancing soon!

Everyone kinda' got tired, and we went to rest outside Heeren main entrance. The others were still trying to cool that girl down, still don't know her name. They all know mine anyway, gave all my namecards out. :D Rested there for awhile, and Pamela and I kinda' decided to pool. But sudden change of plans as Pamela wanted to meet Joan and go home. So I went to meet my brother and go to my cousin barry's place. There wasn't much life there tho', they were all like almost a decade older than me. But I didn't felt that left out tho'. And I still wonder why, so many people said that I was drunk yesterday! :D Didn't quite regconize Audrey, Barry's sister. But it was great meeting Auntie Juicy and my other cousins. They wanted to go to Cosy Bay to chill out, and I had worries at first that if I could even enter. But Cosy Bay didn't had bouncers, so it was okay. They were all car freaks and drove there. There were 3 cars, 2 fully modified civic and a coupe, and there was my brother's new Avante. :D Kinda' odd one out. Drove there and found out that Cosy Bay and every other thing was closed. Such a wet-blanket, and we all departed to our homes from there.

When I look back to how I celebrated Christmas last year, I guess I really changed alot, my life and me. I don't feel like a loner, lonely anymore! I guess I really do have friends around me now, and I didn't had such a great time in my life. Thanks Pamela for asking me out! To many loners out there, friends do not come to you, you have to seek them. One thing I'm different from others, I want to meet more loners, and befriend them. Somehow, we are all still loners! Merry Merry Christmas too all!


Blogger Bla said...

Merry X-mas 2 U, too! :)

1:00 AM

Anonymous Mohammad said...

Strange title for blog, the Isolated

7:47 PM

Anonymous Poor child said...

great! thanks for sharing!

1:59 AM


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