Sunday, April 29, 2007

Two kind of Loners

Okay, its about the Loners again! Ding, no, I am not making a big reaction, I am just treating this like a debate, so that we know more about Loners and stuffs.

Oh ya. I met ALOT of loners that really ignore other people's existence even though I tried to get along with them. Well, I'm not very patient, so if I really cant communicate with them, I give up.


So now we know that there are two kind of loners.
Ones who hate themselves for who they are but don't take the initiative to change;
And ones who want to be accepted by the crowd, but they are not because for a reason or two.

For those who don't hope for a change, we can't really do anything, can we? Maybe I was always wrong about the Asian boy's massacre. Maybe he belongs to this group, but we don't really know. To these loners, save yourselves or just self-destruct. Don't blame the fault on the 'rich', 'popular' and those 'clicks'.

But in any case, there are also other kind of loners, so that shows that we should do our and every own responsibilty to try and be-friend them, don't we. We, the 'popular' or the 'rich' as the Asian boy wrote in his death-essay, are partially at fault for the massacre.

I guess that I would have to change my blog to identifying Social Issues or Loner's blog already. But really, this social issues topic, there are much to talk about it. This loners thing may be getting a lil' boring for you, readers. So please suggest more topics, or I would have to and search.

Ding, you may like to use the comment tool, as tagboard is not very trustworthy. You're a good commentor, thanks! I need more people like you... :D

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Am @ Youth.SG - To Hell to all loners, or to Heaven?

To hell to all loners, human bonding dynamics are important. Dun
forget, unity is strength. What tears a nation down is not external forces but
internal conflicts.

Ding, a guy who commented on my previous post.

Although human bonding dynamics, as what you stated, is indeed very important, but... It isn't the loners fault to not bond with his/her environment. It is always that the loner who is left out, uncared and unbothered. Unity is strength, what tears a nation down is not external forces but internal conflicts, but who is really at fault? People look down on these loners, just like in America, the whites look down on the blacks, and its always happening all around the world. Who is at fault? The whites, of course. I may offend anyone when I write this but its the facts that you can't deny! That's the reason which explains the concurrent conflicts in America.

People need to change. Lets say, if the whites in America could accept the blacks in their society, all problems would be solved! So Ding, if you, or us, accept these loners, try to know and be-friend with them, the recent massacre might be prevented. The problem lies with us, not THEM.

I, myself, don't feel good with loners, but what if we just try and accept them? Trying is better than not trying. At least they will not feel unaccepted. 90% of depression cases in youths are caused by social issues, 50% of these depressionist have thoughts about suicide.

So why not we just try and accept them? :D

By the way, thanks Ding for the great comment, you really helped me understand what I was really trying to state. Much thanks, Szehoe.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Am @ Youth.SG - Loner strikes, Nation weeps.

Teens smoking, getting into fights, joining gangs, what's the real problem actually? No one in the right mind would get into a fight, there would sure to be a cause or something that literally attacts them. Social circles of teens this day are the roots of the problems. Youngsters this days are more isolated, in this society, who can be not? With the stress from parents, stress from community/environment, its unevitable for them to be not.

So called the "good friends" of them(youngsters), get them into gangs, persuade them to smoke, how could they reject? Being in that social circle, they're proud of it, and it dangers their friendship with their "good friends" when they reject. And they feel proud doing what they are told or persuaded. And they look down on others, others whom are not in their circle. That's how the terrifying loneliness starts.

BLACKSBURG, Virginia - The deadliest school shooting in US history was carried
out by a 23-year-old "loner" from South Korea who was studying for an English
major, university and police officials said Tuesday.

-ChannelNewAsia, 17 April 2007

A recent report on the newspaper. Its amazing, no, terrifiying to know what isolation or lonliness can make a perfectly normal person go nuts.

People with the right mind, right attitude, or are just not accepted by the community would be laughed at by these teens. They would be make fun of, and life just don't seemed right. They want to be accepted, but maybe its because of their looks, or even character that don't allow them to. They are not the problem, not the cause, its their environment which is bad, wrong. They are perfectly okay!

What is this earth becoming man, people who doesn't want to be influenced are looked down, isolated and become depressed. There's a real need to change the attitudes of youngsters, but it can't seem possible. I am a teen too, and I know I am very rebellious, so how can WE really change?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Fifteen Birthday

The clock struck mid-night and I was chatting with my Wife(so-called), haha. She was the first one to wish me a happy birthday. It was just the start of the happiest day of my life.

Siewhui, my ever so caring ex-band senior (as I was kicked from band), was the second one. I feel bad man, she and Lynn always remembered my birthday and I always forget their's. I could still remember my fourteen birthday which they celebrated with me. Thanks ladies!

It was really a huge jump, so-called, from last year. Guess that I was really a loner then. Thanks for all the Smses guys! Especially Stella Mei, for calling me just after twelve to wish me a happy birthday. It really helps even without a present. Good luck for your surgery! I really treasure those messages, I saved them! Want to keep them as good memories. Last year I only had a few, or like really few. Could be counted with one hand! Now you know why I treasure them that much.

Met Pamela at Admiralty to go school together. Found out that Ann got a nickname too, and keep disturbing/making fun of her. Haha. But Pamela wanted to be special, she said she will be the last person to wish me, which is at the end of the day, 11:59pm. She really did!

I reached school and received my first present. It was a piece of chocolate cake from Lynn and Siewhui, just like last year! Really love them so much... Though it melted as the weather was too hot. I still couldn't bear to eat them and its now in the fridge. But I have tasted and its delicious! Yummy. They don't stop surprising me...

Then got my second present during Chapel. From Xitong, Tinting and Stacy. Thanks for the lollipops. I couldn't bear to give them away, even with Stephen's pester. Haha.

My goldfish, Yihui! At last admitted that I was her owner in her letter with a present. Thanks girl, or should I say fish. She's just so cute!.. And she was like so nuts during Biology when taking pictures. Shalln't say, too obscene. :)

I was waiting for Christopher to come to school, he was like so friggin' late? I wasn't really waiting for him, I was waiting for my present which was shared among Yanyi, him and Crystal. Haha, he even threatened me the night before that he may forget to bring the present! I.P jacket! Now then I feel that its quite nice. Thanks guys! I still haven't paid my share for Crystal's present. :(

Was so touched by Liangzhu and Sherri. Though I don't really know them, as so don't they, they still rushed out a birthday card for me on knowing that it was my brithday. It is so nice for them, and they said they would give me a present! Haha, I feel so bad as Sherri birthday had already past!

Actually birthdays aren't really about presents, its about the sincerity I guess. An example is Stella and her call. Was so touched. Or maybe its just me. Haha. Its also about the birthday hugs! Lets see, the first person I hugged was Cherie! And then Chercher, Yuhyan, and Yihui! Oops, all girls! Thanks ladies. Haha, then I was like joking with Yuhyan about the hug feeling. :) Can't believe that I hugged my goldfishy!

No one really celebrated with me after school. Lynn and Siewhui told me next time, but still, thanks ladies for always making my birthday so wonderful. Went for lunch with Pamela and Xinyi but still had much fun.

Went home and got out of home again with family, sort of. Mother was working though and my third brother didn't want to go. Went to see cars as my Dad wanted to get a new car and got my cake at Causeway when going home. Wee! I don't know why but I just need a cake and a birthday song to feel that I am a year older. Still got it in the end.

Called Pamela at 11:58pm as I was afraid that she might miss the "auspicious" hour. Haha, I want my birthday wishes. She was also about to call me but I called faster. Haha, and there was my last birthday wish. Yay!
What's my birthday wish this year?
Just want her to get well and hope a miracle will happen.
Just want a good and happy year!
Amen. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging Competition

It has been a week since my great experience at City Havest. Wow, since last thursday. You may not feel it, but i have change so much man. Thanks for the great comment for my last post. Ain't blogging much these days, no time and too bored for it. Sigh, can't get much records of my life anymore. Directly contradicting myself in my old archives to promote blogging.

Life's getting better. Cos a good chatting mate, but feel bad and sad for her and much of myself. It seemed to be worse as we get closer. I don't even trust myself. Guess that I have to mark a distance.

Today was Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging Competition for choirs. Rather excited the night before, but my parents destroyed my sleep. As usual, I always forgets to bring something when there's something big going on. Aww, had my mother to bring my black pants for me. Crap, and crapped. And we reached there, -IHATEBLOGGING- and our heart beats even faster as the clock ticks. The warm-ups in the warm-up room for choirs to prepare, were quite good, or should I say very good. Confident, we performed. And I felt we did quite well, compared to the other choirs, as we went to watch the choirs after us performed.

It ended for the morning and we headed back for school. Didn't have to go for class so we kind of slacked in the choir room, and went for Sakae Sushi lunch at City Hall. It was a birthday treat for Cindy. MWAHAHS! And I still owe so many guys presents. Sorry... I am so broke now!

After that we went back to get our results, was quite pissed at some people but who cares. Our efforts were not paid off. We got a freaking bronze. Damn! And there's so much drama when we were going home. We will accept it!
Those from choir,
though our efforts were not paid off,
but lest we know that we are a gold-attitute choir,
so do not be sad,
but happy for ourselves,
and don't give a damn for what others think.

Monday, April 09, 2007

It has been long long long.

Aww, what a dead blog. Many spammers were invited to. Crapped-assed people.

Not long ago, there was an exchange for choirs to showcase our song pieces among some 7 schools. And I met my long lost friend! ELYSIA!! She's still the same old her, as cute.:) but what she said got be thinking, were we very close last time?xD

Last saturday, it was easter, kinda. City Havest Church had a service to celebrate easter, went with some of my choir pals. It was rocking hot there man!... It was an Unforgettable experience. The drama showcased by them was so realistic, and entertaining too. Trust more in God.

Kind of stressed up this few days, sigh. God is unfair, but what can we, mortals do?