Tuesday, September 26, 2006

EOY study mode.

Greats. End-of-year examinations are near. Didn't blog the past few days. Didn't touch the computer. Can't believe it, I could isolate myself from the computer! Sunday, went to study with JiaCai and Kelvin. It was a funtime, although I waited for VERY long when they were having fun playing basketball when I was at Junction8 waiting for them to pick the call.

Met a new person today. Victor. I just feel that God's creativity is getting worse. Hahs, people just seemed same from another. Victor reminded me of my old friend, YongMing. Don't know why.

We didn't really studied alot. I wasn't into the mood. Slacking all the way. The fun-time was after our studies. We went making video clips. Lame ones. The teleporter machine and even a fighting scene. They uploaded it to youtube man! Gonna make a bleach video after exams.

Got a new phone that day too! M1 got a good offer, a very good one. Immediately called my mother and she came down. Other stalls didn't let me upgrade my plan though but I think Junction8 personel made a mistake and we bought it. 2 of the same phones. My brother also wanted one. So happy. It was a great phone.

Monday - nothing to say about it.

Tuesday - School was boring as usual. Guitar lessons were kind of boring too. The worship was too long, but it was good for me I guess. 1hr of it. Hahs. But learnt 2 songs with simple chords today. Tong Hua and a Christian Song. I don't know why I seemed to start believing in Christianity, yet I felt that I am betraying my ancestors. Haiz~ But most of the pretty girls are Christians. :D

Was studying at night for the past 2 days. At KFC with Kelvin. Yesterday, Esaint came along. Felt that he was kind of INSANE. He stay at Yio Chu Kang and come all the way Marsiling. I guess he would have reached home late.

Got back my history small test today. I did so badly, carelessness. Hate myself for it. Wasted 5 marks for nothing. It will surely affect my grades at the EOY.

To those spammers at my tagboard. Get a life, grow up. The javascript codes can be obtain from www.dynamicdrive.com and NOT from Anne. Codings are mine, fully. Thanks for the understanding.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

City Havest Talentime 2006

Am I a christian? No. Yet I go to these events and I ask myself, why not? It was grea meeting new people. They are so friendly. Now for the whole story.

Met Abigail and Issac at Woodlands which we waited twenty minutes for Esaint. Then off we go and took bus there. It was a very bad choice. Man, I just felt so uncomfortable in the bus. The air-conditioner is weak and the Sun is hot. Worse still, I feel nauseaous. Crap. Sleeping was the best thing I could do.

At last, after an hour plus, reached Habour Front. Hansel wasn't there though. So we had to wait. But I was just so hungry man, wanted to grap a bite. Then Issac kept pissing me off. Just hate people who punch my stomach. Fortunately, I didn't whack him up and don't say I can. Its easy. Got a chicken wing and Hansel came. After meeting some other church friends, we hopped on the bus. Shutter-bus.

Hansel treated us our entry-ticket. Hurray! And we went in to Sentosa. Actually we were already on Sentosa island, just that we can't proceed anymore. Ticketing. And we walked a short distance until we reached a stagnant boat. Not a boat, bigger yet not a cruise, smaller. Its was air-conditioned in it. Damn, should have wore my jeans. I told it would be under the Sun.

After sometime, it started at last. The singers, don't want to say much bout' them. Basically, the difference were large. Good singers were far apart from the not-so-good singers. It was fun though, they made it funny. The last item was considered the best in everyones mind. Beat-boxing. Man, they are so cool. I want to learn beat-boxing! I guess that I want to learn many things, guitar, break-dance, and beat-boxing. It ended with of course, they as the winner of the group category and Kelvin, from Hansel's cell got the solo. And we went home, not literally, just stepped out of there.

Outside the boat, photo-taking session. I wondered why Abby don't like to take photos. She got the looks anyway, why not? Could force some photo out of here anyway. I was like kinda' full then but still hungry. -Thanks to Hansel's french fries- And we walked to the nearby Burger King. Yet didn't eat. I can't eat there too. I don't like the environment. Then I met a new person there. Kim, very talkable. And talk and talk. :D And we took a bus back to Habour Front.

Abby seemed out in this post. Yet then I was always with her. I feel easy to talk to her. Especially that she is an English speaker. Its not so easy for me to use Chinese. Seemed foreign. At Habour Front shopping mall's Yoshinoya, there we ate. Yet Abby wanted to go to the ladies so I followed. That damn Esaint came along. Argh~ :D Came out of toilet and she brought us else where. She said that she was finding a friend. Her ex-boyfriend. I wondered why girls are always so chi1-qing2. If it were me, I would very less contact ex-es. The past is the past, why rack it up. Though I still got contact min. :D

After quite long we went back and people had already almost eaten finish. And we started out meals. Planned to go Junhao's birthday dinner yet I still ate. Bad choice. And waved goodbye with our new friends :D we went home. By the MRT of course. It was much better!

Now to talk about Abby. She walks with style, dress with style. Have looks. One of the best choices of boys. Just have a word to describe her. Classy. Especially that she is English fluent. Aren't I right Abigail? At last could take a pair photo with her. Hurray!

Junhao's house was quite fun too. But I felt bad not giving a present. I haven't bought so many friend's presents. Wondered when can I have the money. Argh. Sorry friends. They were like hogging to something to play. The computer was 02jam. I became a noob. Argh. Keat Onn is madness. No doubt he played alot. Waste of time. :D

Dinner was great. His mother is a great cook. Jiacai told us that the butter prawns should be eaten with its shell. Worse still, with its tail and head. Omg. I tried, of course, without the head and tail. It still didn't feel good as I can feel scales all around. Eek! But I couldn't eat much. Damn, shouldn't have ate at Yoshinoya. The food is even better here. Then Esaint and I were like making lame movies of teleporting. Cool, I just learnt how to. And crapped, he used my phone to make an R(A) movie. Haha, you will know if you are our friend. Kelvin was like trying to play the piano. His best song, Buddhist A-Mi-Ta-Ba. Lame~

My mother was pestering to go home so I went. Felt bad though as when I went off, they came along. It was late anyway. Nine. There were like so many change of plans. I had to follow my brother back to army and see him off which I always wonder why must I go. Such waste of time. And its a weekly proceedier. Was told to wait at Causeway point yet changed and told me to go straight home. Argh. So took a bus back with Kelvin and he alighted at my stop saying that he got the time. Such a good friend. Accompany me for that 2minutes of waiting.

My father pissed me off! When we reach the hawker centre near the ferry station. He told me, if you had eaten you shouldn't have come. Crap! Wasted my time. And when I reached home it was already so late. I guess this is my greatest post ever. Greats.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Test-ful Day.

*About the last few days. Nothing really happened. Skipped school on Thursday. But I was already so tired out by the Basketball match the day before.

Tests, tests and tests. What kids at our age worry about. I beg to no differ. Yesterday, two big tests came onto me. One which I didn't even know about was Literature.

So how should I rate the test, which Mr White thinks its not a test but just a small lil' one? Quite difficult and lest the amount of time. As I didn't hand in my collage assignment, I had to do extra in the same amount of time. Kelvin was way worst. He had to do 3 assignments in an hour. But with the help of each other, I completed. He didn't though but was able to take the rest of the paper home and one for teacher. It was an open-book test to its quite easy actually. Only if this was in the EOY examinations.

The hours past with nothing to do in lessons. English lesson was still same old thing. I feel that Mr Chin is totally not fit to be an English teacher. He don't even know how to teach and keep teaching from the textbook.He really need to see how Mrs Chia and the other teach. Crapped up. Best of all, the homework he gave and the tests he gave was not found in the sections of the examination paper. Can't he just use his mind to think? I hope I can change class, but its too late now.

I skipped assembly, for NEmation meeting. Just feel that I don't really like the team but just can't think of what they did to make me feel that way. Fun drawing things and bell rings. End of school, but still an history test. Ate lunch and off I go to my class.

It came to the worst. I don't even know where's the class. Mr Lai said that its gonna' be a class on the 2nd level. When I got there, it was so chaotic. Sec2s were running here and there trying to get a place in classes. There were like only 5 open classes but more than 6 classes of students. So we waited and at last could get in.
The class was so chaotic~ Could cheat anytime. Yet Kelvin, who was running with me here and there- didn't. Of course, I did my own thing and didn't cheat. It was quite an easy test as we sort of knew the questions already, 15minutes before our test started.

Abigail did the test finish in like 25minutes? Hahs. And she waited for me. So happy. But I still slowly did my test. Want high marks for it. And went home with Kelvin and Abby and ZhenNi.

Dinner was fun time to. Meeting up with ChoonKeat, Kelvin and Kris then later KahLiang. Kept talking. I love friends man, or do they treat me as one? Who cares~

I made this new layout just like yesterday. Though it took many days for me to complete coz' of some obstuction in using the laptop. Don't really like it when my brother comes home from army.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My first Basketball match.

Today, PE was so slack.

But after school, as Kelvin's team did not have enough players so he called me. But man, I am a total stranger to basketball! Its not that I am a coward, I just hate the critisism by spectators. Frankly, I can't play basketball.

It was fun though. I could "gai" some people and get quite many rebounds. I realised at last that basketball is fun! =D Gonna be my pastime already.

This is one of my shortest post ever, but isn't it better?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The greatness of a Day.

5th Skin of the Day

I thought today would be a very bad day. It turned out the opposite. Such a great day man. School was normal, although I did badly for maths. But it was my fault as I didn't study. English test was so-so. But the whole day, my mind was filled with guitar lessons after school. =D Such excitement.

After school, ate lunch and went for guitar lessons. I didn't know it was kind of a Youth group but it wasn't so bad afterall. They were high when praying. But I felt kinda weird. I am a buddhist, yet my believes are of Christians. Caught in the middle. So I mostly call myself a Buddtian. :D

Breaking the ice was so fun. Christians, as usual, are very open and itroduced themselves quickly. Then they spilt. Some went for study, some for Bball and me, guitar. I didn't have a guitar with me, so I have no guitar. Duh. But I could still learn by using other people guitars. Ming chuen's brought one. It was fun man. All the singing and learning of chords.

This is sort of my first guitar lesson in my whole life yet the guitar is almost part of my life. My brother's are all guitarists. So I am of course want to be one too. It was such a fun time. Fun time ends quick so in no time, its ending. Went home with Abigail and other. She very talkative man. Love her character. :D Sort of walked her home anyway. Nahs, not really. Quite far though.

Then I came home, was so excited to know if I had SOTD. Indeed, I got it. Woopies, my 5th. Want more!~ Greedy me, but that's human nature, isn't it?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Disappeared the past days.

Wonder who will miss my posts when I am gone. Hahs. Not really gone, just lazy. And dad is just not happy with me using the computer. Wtf?

Can't be bothered to write about last few days. So its today. Test-ful day. Only knew that there was science test when I reached school in the morning. Luckily my dad forced me to study yesterday. A blessing in disguise huh?

There were so many free periods today. Four in total. So two hours of nothing. Revised until I can't anymore. Confident.

Shimin was so violent as always. Threw the dusty duster. Awwman. And i threw back which dusted her worse than mine. Hahaha. Kinda guilty though. Tried every ways to get rid of it. But of course, none work.

Science test was a no-kick. Easy, although answers were not word-for-word. There was suppose to be an english test. But didn't in the end. If not my mind would explode. Hahs. But there was still a test I don't remember. Chinese! Oh my gosh. Luckily its did not test words. Brina and I were corperative partners. Copied like as though there were no teachers. The teachers also don't care too. Did quite well.

Practical test was next. Oh my god. How can you take a test when you don't even know what they'll be testing? Did so badly. Although I got my final answers right. Lost many marks anyway. Almost impossible to pass. Wish me good luck!

After a day of stress. I guess its quite good for School Service. Resting and many thoughts in mind. Splitting the hours up is a great idea too. Went home after that.

Just had dinner with Kelvin. A lamer. Hahs.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Skipped school to find something worse.

It was such an interesting day. Damn. Skipped school to find more boredom coming my way. Didn't really skipped school as I woke up when school was about to end. 1pm. Omg.

Did nothing. Stared at the computer and did nothing. No mood to skin, but I still did. Wanted to find some friends to go out with, but Kelvin was busy. It seems like I don't really have many friends. Happy still, that I have some.

Wanted to go out for lunch. Called Kelvin when he was still having history lesson. And he picked up the call. Kind of nuts is he. But he couldn't make it as he had to visit someone in the hospital.

Skipped lunch to. The rain was my obstruction. It was to heavy. But I was so hungry so ate tuna bread. Yummy. What is not delicious when you have nothing to compete it?

There, I am making the best out of today. Nothing happened as it can be summaried. Nothing. But I am pissed of by the people of blogskins. Why can't it be a better world. Getting so tired of it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bad to worst.

I wonder how much longer can i still get a hold of myself.

Days are worst, much worst. Yesterday, Mr Steven Wee tried to make troubles for me. He made me do 2 hours of DC, I oblinged. But if he made me do more, I will fight back. Just lucky that he didn't, for my mother would have to make a trip down. People says that I am a coward behind my mother, then why are they stupid to fight back face to face. Idiots.
Now then i feel Mr Teo ain't that bad after all. He just wants a little more as to other teachers. Still, Mr Wang is the best.

My key disappeared though. Told Wenyi that it was nothing, but brought troubles to me. Argh.

Didn't do DC today, for literature remedial. But Mr Johari got on my nerves. He didn't want to return my NRIC. What did he want it for? Crapped. He was afraid I go outside school and create trouble. Damn, destroyed my plans for the day.

Before I went home, went to get my laptop. $40 bucks for just reformatting it. Kind of cheated though. But lest they helped me installed the recovery partition into the hard drive. Went to get back my hp too. And felt more cheated. She said the problem in the phone was the Camera and had to pay $30 if changed. But isn't there a gaurrentee? Asked my mother to settle with her. Its so tired when I got home, but still ate dinner with Kelvin before I went home.

Today isn't a very good day either. PE was boring, can't do a thing for I had no PE uniform. Other lessons are the same. Slept during Chapel. And nothing is interesting to talk about.

Was down the whole day as DC was in my mind. Can't go home and use the computer which I couldn't touch for a week.

There were like fights today. But didn't still. Its kinda stupid though. Fighting for small reasons. Made their friends unhappy, Jiani.

After school, still had DC so ate lunch in school. Joel was pissed off by Mr Teo's speech during Character First. He had some problems with F&N teacher, so why not be a good friend and listen? I don't really hold grudges anyway. I forgets them.

I was like talking to Joel when i said that she was not bad, as in quite pretty. But I could not believe me when she came and talked to me with randoms. But I don't feel good jio-ing her. My friends hate her. Troubled. But she indeed made my day, when I was so down.

Went to do DC with a happy heart but I could only do an hour as Mr Jumari had to go at four. Anna and Danker were at there too. Chats and helped Anna with her DnT. Made me so tired.

After DC, i went finding the NEmation team to join in their meeting. My intuition was right, they were at the library. My idea was not accepted though, but i wonder, i could just fit the last scene into my story and it would be just right! Its too late now though.

Went home after that, to meet something worst.

My lost key kept me outside the house for 2 long hours when my brother is sleeping happily inside. He is such a deep sleeper. Argh! I was so sweaty, hot and had a stomach pain. How bad can it be?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

NEmation. Also boredom.

Greats. Boredom these few days. Can't go Kelvin's house. Sound kind of despo, but I ain't gay.

Gave the laptop to the computer shop for repairs. Had a very hard time going there. Why on earth did they move? Felt kind of cheated as my mother signed up as a member and they kinda ran away. I was told to take 903 from interchange and 2 bus stops. Its the 2nd bus-stop or after 2 bus-stops? And that made me got lost. Took so long to get there after asking many people. Not many, 2. Nothing really happened there, just waiting to no avial and had to come back on Monday to get it.

Yesterday's NEmation training course was fun, kind of. Again, had a hard time getting there. I heard wrongly from Charles that to meet them at Dohby Ghaut, but it came out to be Dover. I live in Marsiling and Dover its just 8 stops but I travelled 25 stops in the end. Kind of went round Singapore.

Training was quite interest, on how to create a good animated story. But its not into animation still. Quite boring though. And I don't even know the story because of some reasons why. But after i read the story, ideas generated. But I don't want to say it out, don't want to be to OUT.

Lunch was great. As I didn't have KFC coupons with me, I could not get the 2pc chicken meal. Haiz, but the counter person gave it to me on a condition. Not to tell others of course. Filled my stomach. But I think I am really growing fat. Isn't that a good thing? But I want to be fat, healthily.

Went home after than. Nothing happened. What a great holiday huh?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back... Not.

So I am back. Not really. Using my dad's company computer. Speed is normal, but its pentium 3. Can't do alot with it, or can do nothing with it.

Nothing really happened this few days. I just kept going Kelvin house to past time, to cure my bore. Kind of afraid of his mother though, kept nagging at his little brother. Jason, very alike to Kelvin's character. Its identical, only that Kelvin kept bullying him. BAD brother. Did nothing really in his house. Maybe play abit of PS2 and skinned some.

A few days back, there was choir chalet. Not really fun there though. Didn't bring alot money too. But i felt that my class organization of chalets is better. Better food and not so much problems. They had many problems. Don't want to say it out. We, Pam, Yusong, KaiEn and many others had problems going home. We missed the last shutter bus. Walked all the way out of NSRCC which is such a long distance and had to take taxi. Wasn't that bad after all.

Went to play games at the playground too, yesterday. With so many basketballers i don't even know. Felt abit extra there, but they made it not. I like this type of people, don't isolate strangers. It was fun, really fun.

So nothing really much to blog. Just that i wonder what will come the next few days.. Got Skin of the Day which means something bad is coming my way. Reason? I always believe in Equivalent Exchange. That's that.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Just Great. Scarsm intended.

What great days. Sacarsm intended. Days were just so bad. First thing, computer was infected, crashed. And the day just declines worse. Now, using my PSP to blog. Weird? Just, happy birthday to Cherie. Wonder who will miss my posts.