Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another great day.

It was indeed a good day again. Woke up kinda late, so had to postpone the time a little later, as planned 10 and changed to 11. Met Juinli at Woodlands Mrt and walked to WRL. We thought that at 11, tables wouldn't be so filled up, but there was no difference. Had no choice but to go back to the same place. And the same thing happened. The security guard again thought that we'd moved the sofa and wanted us to move back, but walked away after having said his piece. So we too, changed place without moving the sofa. Didn't really cared. History was again the subject. But i felt that too much time was spent on it, so moved on to science. Ate lunch at LJS again, as i felt it was nice. There wasn't really any good place at CWP anyway. Went for some shoppings after that. But man, we are out to study! Hahs. So quickly went back after buying some tibits from UNcle tibits. I also bought a bottle of mineral water, which cost 40cents and had to queue up for sometime. Haiz. It was fun though, with her. Went back to library but didn't do much. Kinda restless already. Juinli didn't know what to study already and even went to read books. I continued my science anyway. After not long, we packed up and went home. It was a fun day. Still, many things can't be explained, or shown in words. As the CTs are getting near, anxiety is building up in me. So worried about literature.

Also chatted with some friends today on msn. Kept telling them this,
One will rock one own life if one thinks one life rocks. Its one mind
which controls one life, not the life, not one's surrondings.
Its really true, i guess. But its difficult to attain that.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Nice Day, Wonderful Day.

Woke up today. It was indeed a better day. Was so worried about common tests, wanted to go out and study, but with who? Surprisingly, went out with Juinli. =) Nice girl to study with. Chatty. And she's the only girl who wanted to study with me at Woodlands. Hahs. Other would think that its rather far. Met her at Woodlands Mrt at 1.15 but reached there only at 1.30. Sorry. Ate LJS, and it was pouring then. Took great 'pains' to get to the Woodlands Regional Library. Had no choice but to take a bus there. There were seats there though. Had to sit on the floor. The sofa was our table. Note taking session. Was cool man. It was a fun time with her. Talked and had fun while studying. XP but it was cold there. Boredom wasn't there for a second. Met Stacy too, or is it she came? But disappeared after seeing us. Don't really know what is she up to. It was like until 6, then we packed up and went in search for Stacy. She was all alone there studying, why didn't she came with us, wouldn't know. Chatted abit, while Stacy kept um-chioing (silent laughter). And we went home. There is of course, more to the story, but its difficult to put it in words i guess. Hope tommorow would be just as nice. Can't expect more of it.

Repetitive motion make one sick.

Yesterday. Just a normal day again. So repetitive. Just like the world of robots. Only that we have a mind of our own, and we can't put it to use. History was fun, Lite too. Other just plain boring. Still, i can't say that the teacher has no faults. They made the decision to whether have an active or restless class. Its just up to the teacher.
Repetitive motion make one sick.
Was already to tired after school, but there was still choir practice. Was totally drained off. Went lunch with Wenjun and Lennon, met some others, joc, pohshen, derek and jacky. Choir practice was normal, not say fun, not say boring. Maybe it is boring. It was the same old song from last time. It ended, and wanted to go home. But it couldn't stop me from soccer. Was totally drained off after that. Yet, went home and still had to face all the SHIT. Fuck them off man. My dad, don't even deserve to be a dad. Says what, Szehoe, Your mom and i have done alot in the previous house and we are tired. Did he even do anything? Only go there shake leg. Then still don't want carry things back. Yet wanted to get all his shit back from the old house but don't want carry. Even a typewrite also want, man we have the computer. Left me and my mom to carry the things. Fuck, says what its so heavy then cannot carry. Man anot? I am so tired of my life.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My first Skin Of The Day

Quite a good day for me, i guess. The day was smooth. Every thing went fine. Went out with Juinli, nice person to talk to. Ate in school, went for remedial, Went to get BBT with Juinli and the LEY/LIE brothers along with stacy and came home. Maths remedial was idiotic. Mr Tan is always repeating. But its good for us as some of us still wouldn't understand. He is a good teacher, which always got bullied by us i guess. Good teacher tend to get bullied, feel sorry for them. Treat us well, yet we did unwise. Went home, and happiness just got over me. My first SOTD. Couldn't expect to get it. Its like just after the war. First skin in my new account. Maybe you will feel its no big deal as many people already got it, hah! But, its the first time for me. Create another skin too, and sort of got my style, own style of skinning. But, IT day homework was tedious. Tedious for the mind. Was so tired and worried after doing it. Didn't really did the homework, its the worry which totally got over me. There were so much things to do. Common test is round the corner too. Its a titing day, mentally.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Its over.

When one looked at the tile, one must have think that its somethingbad, BGR relationship huh? Nah. Wars at Its over at last. It was long, yet meaningful. How mean people may be when they are unhappy about you. Wasn't really happy yesterday as people were cursing and swearing at me. Haiz. Don't want to talk about it. IT day was boring. In fact, i feel that they should even have an IT day. Kinda waste of time. Study only like 1hr, although i don't like studying. Went to temple for 7th month prayers. Fortunately, she was there to sort of accompany me, by sms. But i felt weird, she said she liked me, but wouldn't want to start a relationship due to some personal things. Will support her decision though. Can't agree more to one of her sms.
When you have a relationship, there will tend to be breakups. While
darlings/good friends wouldn't ever experience a break.
Its true, don't you think so too? I always contradict myself. I blogged a post about Fake Steads while i wanted one too. Don't really know myself i guess. I, myself is my own enemy, maybe. Skipped school today, why not? Wanted a long break. 3 consequtive days. Cool. But it seems like without school, my life stopped. It seems like i totally lost contact with the world. Stuck at home the whole . day. Four wall enclosed. Guess that would be my next skin. Made 2 skins today, but didn't DARE to submit. Submitted one still. But had a whole fresh start, new account, new personality too i guess. Trying as hard to change.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Reasons For Steading.

Didn't bothered to blog yesterday. Wouldn't really like to blog if there's nothing really going on. Don't really like weekends i guess. Nothing will really happened as weekends i wouldn't go out. It seems like a day of isolation. But fortunately got some talkative ones. XP phoebe. hahs. Yesterday, i also found out why youths want to stead. Lonely, maybe? They want a companion but ended up finding more problems to themselves instead. Read many people blogs and realised, BGR is a big problem. But i feel that good friends will do a better job. Chatted with both phoebe and her today but i felt happier, chatting with phoebe. Conversations between me and phoebe were interestings and she always had topics to talk about. While i and her, its like questions and answers. Bet most people do experience that too. Maybe its back to the same logic.
Friends can do a better job and that of one stead. Instead, steads will bring more problems to one.
Today, nothing really happened i guess. Just waiting for school hours to skip by. Almost got caught for hair but didn't in the end. Luck was on my side. They only implemented the checks on about 4 classes. Choir practise was quite boring. Almost played truant but got caught back instead. Went home with PohShen and her friends. Had kind of fun on the Mrt. And that was the day. My brother is also getting on my nerves these days. Trying to act like a king. Selfishness was the only word that can describe his nature. Effed up, totally by him.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The great 'logics' of life.

The day was normal. The computer is my only friend, guess so. Every weekend, outings ain't my fancy. I am always infront of the computer. But my family just doesn't like it. Who cares. Its just a normal day. Woke up, went for breakfast, came home, used computer, went to play basketball, came home, computer, dinner. Simple, yet sweet. It has been like 2 years since i had played basketball, or should i say had done a regorious exercise. Fun though. And i may even grow taller. Thought of many great 'ideas', 'logics' with a friend. Like love, true love.
true love maybe just near you...but you might not notice it..till the right time comes for you to know for sure a certain girl is the right one for you.. (:
its really true i guess. true love, something which is almost impossible to find. Maybe its the heart which is lost. We are always ignorant to the people around us, who cares most about us, and we think that we are ignored. If one would notice the carers, their life would be better.
"nvm" do not end conversations. its just ending a clause. which invites new topics to the convesation. a conversation will only be stopped when one do not take the effort to think of any topic.
Have you ever chatted before and you said "nvm", and the conversation just ended, like that. But its not true that nvm kills all conversation. Cannot agree more to the fact that "nvm" do end topics but not converstion. It will only end when there are no topics to think about, but if you had thought about it, there are thousands of topics which can be chatted of. Even the word "hmm" can too be one. When people says "hmm", are they thinking, in deep thought, or just trying to drag time. "lol" is often seen in conversations too, as one has nothing to say. But at least one takes the effort to say "lol" instead of not typing a thing. It can at least clear abit of coldness, silence. But sure, it will be irritating if its too commonly used. Just remember, its the effort that makes it work.

The day I curbed my anger.

Weird title huh? But its very important, very dear to me. I always had this problem, controlling my anger. At last, i was able to. Went to the market with Stel, Val, Shimin, and some others. After eating, I burbed. XD Then Shimin threw a saucer of chilli at me. Was like WTF? But i didn't got angry. I felt my heart was burning but i didn't react. Found a method to it.
When you are angry, its because your body is producing a lot of anger energy. Don't try to stop it, just let it out. You will feel heat, but just let it out of your body, and take a deep breath in. Don't ever try to stop it, just take notice of the energy and you will realise it will be all released.
The best method of anger management. But to Shimin, if i reacted then, things will turn bad, really bad. So just don't think that i am a coward or what. And don't think yourself so highly. You are just a normal girl. It was still a normal day. School days are always normal, everything is repetition. Kind of a robotic life. But the aim is to find something important you have learnt from the day. Nothing really happened. Choir was boring as boys had to attend for only half of the practice. Practised the NDP performance and left at about 5. When i got home, i was told that my brother was flying off for taiwan for his army training. Oh my. I totally forgotten about it. It was a night flight anyway. He was doing his last minute packing again but it wasn't as late as what my dad thought it would be. Ate at the airport which wasn't really good. Just to fill the stomach. And prices there were much higher than that of coffeeshops. Ate alot, and left my brother with indigestion, but he was okay after going to the Gents. There were also many army personels there. And everyone looked the same. All with short hair and black spectacles. It was like a colony of ants. Crowded. About 12:30, my brother departed for taiwan. And there goes he. Would be back after 3 weeks. But man, its just 3 weeks. Why my parents is like so, worried. Was so sleepy and slept immediately when i reached home.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dark and Light of the day, or past.

Now for today's post. At last, i am going to post about the things i always wanted. Didn't know why until now. I always had this 'past' feeling flashing through my mind. Have you? If you have been listening to songs for very long, you would have felt it. Songs are things that truly keeps your feelings. Remember the time when you listened to an outdated song, which you have been listening very long ago, and you suddenly felt the 'past'. The feeling is obvious, you could remember the exact thing you were doing that. Like for me, Eminem's Mocking bird reminds me of the time when i was still a newbie and trying to make a website. I am sure many would have experienced it. If you don't try starting now. Songs are the best keeper of feelings. Not memories, but feelings. Nothing really happened today. Played alot with stacy and juinli, don't think of other thoughts. Just that was kinda followed by the Discipline teacher Mr Wee. When i asked students from my school who is the discipline head, they would say Mr Wee. Why? He is just too outstanding. Maybe its because he is a DnT teacher, always slacking, nothing to do so he find faults on student. Fancy keeping students during recess. Kinda insane i should say. He may also cause emotional hurts on students when he gets harsh. Students may have gastric but wouldn't dare to say out. Would really say much on that. Today, he keep inspecting my class, when we were noisy, like always, and he tried to pick on me. I wouldn't be afraid anyway. That the darkness of the day. The light, was history lesson. Really enjoyed it. Fun and laughter was in the air. Went to the computer lab to do some research as we had a new project today and we kind of make fun of Mrs Lai. She's a nice teacher i should say. One of the few teachers who speaks our language. Then there was one spoiled computer which i 'used' it. Used it to trick the teacher. It was earlier on but it was stuck on a blank screen which had many words, computer languages. And i tried to type, really, words came out. So i got an evil thought. I tried to make as if the computer was alive. And i typed, "So hi. I am lonely. I have been a computer for five years, please chat with me." And Mrs Lai actually thought it was true! Our whole class laughed. She was like at first in a state of shock. And she went like, you are so lame. Then at the end of the lesson, she wanted the class to be quiet and said "I don't want to hear any noise." And i went like "Shhh. Don't say the work 'noise'." Glad that i made people laugh. As always, Laughter is the best policy in life.
Ate lunch in school, with Joel again. Don't know why am i always with him these few days. I've got no one anyway. Not as in no one, they just wants to go home. But i enjoyed this day.

Stead-ing? Fakes.

Didn't blog yesterday. Slept too early, late evening, 9pm. But was still so sleepy today. Yesterday's PE was kinda disappointing. Napha test. Lost to some people whom i shouldn't lost to. And they also irritated me. But i also realised one great thing in life, which always caused trouble. Have you ever thought why suddenly so many people knows your secret? It simple actually. I had a secret to kept today, but suddenly i realised that i had already spread it to 3 people. but they are the people i trust. Thank goodness they were really trustworthy, if not i would die a terrible death. If you were like me, its over. Everyone would know your secret. Why? The people you trusted would tell it to the people they trusted. So it goes on and on, until one day, you find out that everyone knows it. I have only an advice, keep secrets to yourself. Not even your bestfriend. Nothing really happened yesterday. Or maybe i had forgotten about it? Wouldn't know. Was chatting with a friend last night, she was kinda frustrated with her homework, and i asked her to consult her stead. I totally agree with her reply. She said that her boyfriend wouldn't care about her and would only consult his problems to her. I always agree to the fact that 50% of stead couples are fake. Why would people mostly have stead for? For students, its mostly show-off, and the reason they use is that they needed someone to share their sorrows. True? Not really. They will mostly end up trying to please the other party and slowly, they will find it a nuisance. But i still wouldn't know why would they ended up being so sad. If you don't agree, just wait and you'll see. For me, i also don't know what are my thoughts and thinking.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

WE are all animals, aren't you?

So how should i put it? Today, sleepy again. The exact same day of last's weeks. The past was indeed repeating. I was still, as sleepy as always. Maybe its the lessons in place, DnT. In the torment of our DnT teacher for 1 1/2 hour, who can take it? I was so sleepy, but i couldn't sleep. Again, i slept but didn't sleep. Its for you to think yourself. Got kind of scolded for sleeping, but it ain't my fault. Yes, its his fault. He made his class boring. Wouldn't really care. Rushed my chinese composition during english lesson. Wanted to give Mr Soon some respect as a teacher. He isn't treat really well in school, by the student. I believe that he was always bullied. Didn't went 'out' for lunch today. Lennon wanted to go home, so i ate in school. Felt lonely, but there was Joel, someone whom i don't really like from last year, but i feel he's quite good now. Nothing really happened today. Only that i got a news that Amy, a close friend, was flying back to Taiwan. Will miss her, yeah. But there was some other news which i can't say out. When i was in the train on my way home, it was raining so heavily. I looked out of the window and thought, why are humans so lucky? Animals had to take shelter when its raining but humans can still do what they wanted. Humans should be grateful for the brain they have and not complain on small matters, like rain water from the roof and etc. After all, WE are all still animals, aren't you?

Monday, July 17, 2006

No longer a Loner.

Yesterday, didn't really had the time to blog. Was chased by my dad to go to bed. Was kinda dishearted, as of the next day, i couldn't remember deep details of yesterday. My memory is bad, but it contradicts me at times. Some of my friends said that i have a good memory, whilst i disagree. Yet at times i agree. Starting to change my way, or style of language for blogging. It seems nicer to read. Clearer. It gives out my thoughts and thinking, my real self. I also changed my thinking. I always thought that i am a loner, but in fact i have friends behind me, whom i don't take notice of. Life isn't so bad after all. Its just also a matter of give and take. For those people who think their life sucks, remember that everyone is equal, its a matter of give and take. If your life sucks for the meantime, wait is the only thing you should do and you will gain something of the exact value, price, in future. Today, school was nothing. There was maths test. Kinda leaped o'er it. Basics of maths teaching i guess. I still remember when i was in Primary school, my maths was one of the best there, always like getting top5, but when i get here, it sucked. I wondered whether it was me, or my surroundings. Maybe its just my mind, only for primary school basic stuffs. It can't read any deeper knowledge i guess. Or maybe i just didn't worked hard enough. Most of my subjects also deproved, tremendosly. Or should i say all of them. Don't know why. I always had a thought, that i hated school. But i too had a thought that i loved coming to school and i have my reasons for both of them. I hated school, why must we face the boredom of being in a class with the teacher "teaching". If my family had the money, i would rather have a private teacher. But i also loved school, it let me interact with the people of the real world i guess. Imagine if i haven't been to school, i wouldn't know whats betrayal and backstabbing. Maybe thats why at times i looked down on rich fellows. Choir was kinda fun today. We could express oureselves. It was like only a quarter of a choir. Only the boys had to come, to reherse a performance, or start on it. Little people also means that your voice would be louder. It was comforting as i started to know that i was kind of required in choir. When therer are too many people, you will feel neglected. It all the same. Whether its a class, or a group, or any other "organizations". It was fun. We were let off at about 4. 'Played' soccer. Literally played. Just for the fun of it. We are all newbies, can't agree more. It was tidious, so i went off earlier. Too tired. Felt like sleeping, yet when i reached home, i didn't want to sleep. It's a waste of time. Why should we spend our free time into sleeping when we still have energy? What energy mean to me, its just something i use to do things. Thats why i always do not want to sleep at night. Cos i still have energy to do things. Wouldn't it be nice, if we could have all the energy we want? So now what's energy mean to you?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fantastical, of Wind

So how was my day again? Normal. Happy i guess. You'll only be happy if, you had done the things you want. Well for me, i did it. Changed my blog layout to kinda website thingy. Spent quite long at it. Movable layouts take the most time. Nothing much really happened today. My brother had to go back to his army camp. Packing up was kinda chaotic. He is always doing last minute things. But i just don't understand my dad. He always wants to set of early, not as in punctual, stupidity early. Such a waste of time. He says its not so rushing. But why waste time driving so slow? I just don't understand adults, or should i say they don't understand me. Its all in the mind i guess. My dad's car's air-con isnt working since he got it back. No choice had to use the advantages of moving air i guess. Have you ever notice that there's actually alot in it, of wind. My dad was speeding, and strong winds blew. Closed my eyes and felt that i was like in a tornado. Wipping and tearing through a land. Very Intensive. Yeah, thats the word. It also seems like i was in water, gliding with the waves. It also seemed like i was in heaven, with angels all around embracing me. Coolness was in the air. Thats something good i realised today.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nothing, the day.

Everytime i blog, usually during the "wee" hours of the night, i will always ask myself something. "What did i do and didn't today?" If there's nothing big, i wouldn't feel like blogging. But, when i didnt blog, it would give me a feeling that i will lose a memory in life, a memory of a day, a precious one. These few days, i realised that this thought kept flashing through my mind. Today, 15 July 2006, there wouldn't be just an exact same day again. So why don't we treasure each day, record every happenings, small and big, so that we will not regret. There would NEVER be the exact day happening again, NEVER. So why not treasure each day? When i look at the clock everytime, i would think, i will never see this time again. Youth, is one of the BEST thing people neglected. I've read before an email regarding thoughts and thinking of people. When they are 15, they tend to have the thought of being older, like 20. But when they reach 20, they want to become 15. Thats regret(-ion). To all the youths out there, treasure your young, so that you will not regret. This is one of my best and meaningful post i should say, i guess. So now its my turn to ask myself the same thing. What did i do and didn't today. Nothing is best to describe 15 July 2006. Spent most of my time with closed eyelids. Woke up at only 1pm. Wanted to go to Alwyn's birthday party, ended up doing nothing at home. Trying to get more traffic to my site, but to no avail. I admire people whom have blogs, with almost a thousand unique visitors per day. Just hope that one day i would be just like them. My handphone destroyed my day too, or should i say my mother. She took it away first thing in the morning when i was still in my dreamland, playing. And made me running around the house finding it. Handphone is regarded as one of my most precious thing. A pastime. Literally, it helps me past time, or let the time fly. Not really about the handphone, its about SMSing. As the short-form says, short-message-service. Really, by communicating with short messages, it will take a longer time, thus, time flies! But, my handphone's crappy too. Almost anywhere, there wouldn't be a full-barred reception. Wouldn't care about it anyway. I'll just have to walk to an open space and send the SMS. Have you realised something, i could type out much from just a little, small, unoticed object. like an handphone. One can describe his life fruitful and one can describe his life just as terrible if ONE wants to. Its all in the mind. Every one is equal. We all share the same life. Its all about give and take. So if you think you life is terrible, just remember this, WE ARE ALL EQUAL. Obstacles are what that make us stronger. Back to TODAY. My dad got his Limo back. After not enjoying the spacious of the Limo for half a year, i found it BIG and spacious in it! And i realised some great proverbs again. People will only learn to treasure things after they lose them. Its really true. Things just got better between me and her. Happy i guess. But her attitude wasn't as good as before, towards me. Can't have better, i should already be happy that she would have the thought to sms me. My eyelids are closing already. Again, sleep calls me. Its already 1, 1am of tommorow. Wouldn't want to stretch my post to TOMMOROW. Well then, i should round up my day. "Nothing" was my day.
If you ever think that your life is terrible, remember this, "Everyone is equal, we share the same amound of weals and woes." And also, think of all the little, unoticed of, things in life, not until you lose it and start to regret.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Slept, but didn't sleep.

Today. sleeps calls me, even after light covered the land. eyelids of mine close anytime without notice, without knowing. some lessons like science, i could concentrate as it was hands on, but for lite, i totally slept. cant sleep but slept. i could just fall asleep when i am writing things. that how sleepy am i. the worse thing was, i dont even know why am i so sleepy. but i wanted to listen to what mr white was teaching, i just couldnt concentrate. english lesson was fun as it was, fun? we had to do an assignment, 'listening comprehension'. we had to write out few sentences of the lyrics of the song LONELY by Akon. luckily i loved that song and i already knew the lyrics. XDD it was fun though. after that was assembly and i just tried to keep myself awake, i cant sleep too anyway, we are sitting on the floor, if sleep surely tio caught de. why cant they just put us in the gallery? that would be so much better. assembly today was a performance by Vietnamese students which came for the exchange program. their english is still not bad i should say. but still i was too sleepy for anything. this made me almost skipped choir but i still didn at last. went out with lennon for lunch. i was actually following noeleen and others. but suddenly dexter pop up, such an extra, so i decided to get lunch ourselves. lennon is a good friend. wont pangseh de. then saw stella meimei and valerie ahmahXD on the way so asked them to foolow. haiz, must treat them. bo pian. but today i already so fed up le. kena scammed by one of the canteen vendor. used a $50 note to get a $2 food but it became $12 instead.i trusted that guy, but when i realised he had short-changed me by $10, it was already too late. i was already in class, recess had eneded. then he said he gave me the correct change when i asked him after school. i also didn bothered to zui jiu the matter. i will surely check my change next time, this is a dear lesson taught man. today choir was fun, the NDP dance prac was boring, duh, but after miss yee came, it became so fun. she was so lame today. gave each of the section 4 ranks. boys was as according. Man, Boys, Babies, Germs. so lame lah. and we were demoted to virus. mutated. lolx. girls was Ladies, Girls, Babies, Rabies. kinda ryme huh? choir prac was short today as we had the NDP dance prac. about 1hr for singing only. didnt know why suddenly went to play soccer with wilson and others after choir. i am a person whom don really like sports. but of cuz, i got play before soccer. it was kinda lame too lahs. kena tripped by kuek jing lucily got a good fall. didn get hurt. kelvin also had to climb over to ChaoYang school to get the ball. and had a bad time getting back to PHS. went home with them after that. that's my day after all. dont want to blog about unhappy happenings. its all in my mind anw.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

hmmm. today. woke up like omfg so late. 630 and i didn even know. i looked at the clock and thought, 630............OMG! 630! rushed to school. but didn know why did everything so fast and left house normal time. school was boring, as usual. there wasnt BIG happenings. but today i was exceptionally sleepy. could fall asleep anything. when mr tan was teaching, i was just resting my head on my hand and there i was in my dreamland. i could close my eyes anytime and i couldnt concentrate. the lesson need no concentration anyway. i knew what he was teaching. its like totally basics. sat beside juinli during his lesson and chatted really well i guess. today, for the first time, mr koh shouted. lolx. but the class was really too much. they gave no respect to the teacher. i admit, i was quiet. no energy for almost anything. also did some hist hmwk during his lesson. was kinda worried about science lesson as i didn bring a potato which i was told to. afraid that he will do what he said. so i tried all means to get a POTATO. bought one from the "cai fan" stall. he said he would charge 20cents but when i gave him $2 he return 80cents. i guess that he was confused too. but i didn really cared and didn ask the rest from him. science was fun/boring maybe. i was also worried about history as i still, haven handed up my chapter 1 article. i just dont know why i wouldnt bring myself to do it. but mrs lai didn came today anw. and had an hour of party. played like siao. was like "fighting" with shimin. fun. she wrote my name on the board with a PERMANANT marker. how can you erase off a permanant marker ink? of course by using a whiteboard marker to coat it but shimin was the only one in class who got. and i bo pian mus use water. used alot of strength to get that damn thing off. that was my day. school day. but today, got really effed up. its just that she kinda got a attitude prob. she got jealous just for lil things but the thing is she isnt really my gf. and i just smsed another girl. summore many pple knew that the girl was my mei. didn really bothered. went out with the same pple for lunch. only that today got wenjun and joc, a new sec1 i know. she dont seemed to be a sec1 at first as i thought. and i came home. a good day i think. GOOOOD. without some lil probs i guess.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

okay. what i did and didn last 2 days. nothing. literally. i hate blogging when i got nothing to. lemme see. tuesday, was so tired. slept during DnT. tend to sleep so late these few days. 12 is normal, early i think. but anw, i could sleep in school. so why should i bother? wednesday's PE was fun. its was fun to know that i grew 3cm taller. wow. but i just cant get fatter. dont know why. pple wants to get thinner but i am the opposite! met a new person lately. PohShen. it seems like i could chat with her so well. chatty indeed. and for the girl i had a crush for, we seemed to be further apart. she always don't want to reply my sms. and always cold to me. not as in ignore, but her character. not v open i guess. these few days are quite good for me i guess. my tagboard site is also getting better. much better.

Monday, July 10, 2006

haiz. didn blog for the past 2 days. was so damn busy with my new website. got the idea when i was about to sleep on saturday's nite. slept at about 3am as i wanted to watch a woldcup match which i was told that it is telecast on chnl5. but it didn. my dad had came back that day from his business trip to london. went to the airport and took a maxi-cab back. it was a boring day. the next day, a tiring day for me, mentally. worked from scatch on my new website and experienced many ups and downs. met many obstacles on the way. i even accidentally deleted my current resource site but didn really mind almost exploded. i was on the comp the whole day, except during lunches and dinner. slept at about 12 as i wanted to watch the worldcup final. missed it. my brother didn wake me up. but i wasnt really sad i guess. it wasnt a really nice match. italy and france arent really my liking too. i was worried of tommorrow, didn do history homework as reminded by stacy. woke up the next day, so tired. my dad had already gone for work. went to school earlier than normal. took the 2nd train from the last. it was early to me. the shirt i wore today was so damn small. not my size even. needa really buy a bigger one. it looked totally weird on me. and i was kinda embarrassed. looked like a clown but i don't tink anyone will notice. i was able to copy my history homework and didn get caught. mrs lai was firece but i still feel that she's a good teacher. its our fault that we didn do. the day was normal. nothing really happened. its monday but choir practive was cancelled. went lunch still, with the same sec1s. i love sec1s. they don't really know "bad" things. innocent i should say. and they don't treat me like an outcast. after lunch, went home and continued my website. was able to complete what was in my mind. tagboards could be customized. until now, i still couldnt believe that i could make a website like that. but if i continue to "work" my brains at this rate, it will really explode. and please support me by registering for your own tagboard at my website. this is the link. TBOX

Friday, July 07, 2006

Yesterday i woke up late. but today was worst. Woke up at 630 and rushed off. Took a bus to the woodlands mrt and came home. bo pian. miss last train le. its better to pon than to kena dc. but i also didn really want to go school. my stomach was pain. not as in stomach pain. its like the side effects of yesterday's run. shouldnt have pushed myself so hard. came home. did nothing. it was boring i guess. but i spent my time quite wisely. learnt many things about php and now i could make my own tagboard. happy i guess. i also worked on my website and its almost done. nothing really happened today. no contraversy, no big happenings. i was at home all day. of course, i went out for lunch with my brother, whom also pon his poly today. hes kinda lame. wanted me to eat western food but i said i want to save. so he say he sponsor. the irony was that he didnt eat western and instead ate a cheap wanton mee. of course i ate western as he wanted to sponsor. hahs. cos he got sour throat and just wanted to try the fish and chips abit. that was my lunch. found out about a nice singer today, introduced by Audrey. Shakira rocks man. very kinda retro style. thats my day i guess. haven done my history homework and which i had to pass up last week. juinli even told me that ms lai scold pple today for not handing up. i die liao lah. tmr still got lite. sianz. and its so late again. 1230. it will be a tiring day tmr. but its still a happy day for me i guess. =)
Website status: 90%

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

*yawn* woke up like so damn late this morning. slept so late yesterday. haiz. wanted to watch the semi-final match. missed it. couldnt wake up. worse still, i only slept for 4 hrs. went to school with a tired heart, body and mind. literally slept during morning assembly. always sleep then too anyway. the 1st and 2nd periods were PE. was happy i guessed. can energise myself up. people who failed had to run their 2.4 but i also ran with them. then guanru said, you already passed still want to run, haolian arh. i was like, fucked. man, felicia and others also called me come de mah. so i replied, some of the girls called me to come, fatty. he didn bring his PE though and was like so unhappy with the loan PE uniform. but instead of helping the girls, i ran the 2.4km. bo pian. zongqin had the same timing as me. i admit, i have a "too competitive" heart but that's me. so i ran. but paid a price for it. hahs. felt so sick after the run and i dont know why. was so nauseaous and headach and tired. the run totally drained me out. PE ended and i went back to class and tried to calm myself down. i was breathless then. tried to lie on the table but i just felt so uncomfortable. it was like living hell. couldn't open my eyes, nor even move. and i just felt so nauseaous. after an hour of chinese lesson, it was chapel and i totally couldn't move. i was so, dead. vomitted, 2 times. tried to make my way to the chapel but i couldn't take it anymore. i told myself to find any teacher near by. man, the only one there was the principal. went to hear and guess what she told me, find any teacher around to sign you into the sick bay. LOL. made my way to the general office and saw mr ang on the way. he told me to wait for him at the general office. walked there and saw mr teo. heng arh. my asst. FT. he wanted to take me to the doc but i declined. when he was signing in for me, i had a sudden stomach pain. it killed me. literally. dropped myself on the floor. REN3 was the only thing i could do. but it was only momentarily and i went to the sick bay to rest. the worst thing was that the sick bay was locked and i had to make my way back to the general office in my state. but still made it. after an hour or less sleep, i totally became better. back to my norm. had my recess and went back for classes. needa thank mr teo. hes quite good teacher really. only very keh gao. art lesson. half an art lesson i should say. the teacher only came in 30mins after the lesson should already start. what i did during that 30mins. "slept" while stella cutted my nails. LOL. she made it round. girlish. hahs. but i didn cared. the teacher who came in is a relieve teacher. no mr wang. but we still respected him. i was kinda afraid of him. he looked scary. and he teaches sec3s too. we continued our art pieces of last week's. was happy of my master piece. character first was boring, as usual. but mr teo wasnt teaching CF. he didn had anything for us. and there was how i spent my school hours. after school, already planned, went for lunch with stella and val. got lennon on the way. treated stella $2 and a bubble tea for all of us. didn really cared as they are my friends. real ones i know. and got back to school for IT media. was happy today as i was able to show my websites and designs to the pple there. did nothing really as the ftp server was blocked. came home with kelvin, lennon and junhao. lauren and others met us on the way. blahblah. got home and entered the hall. my brother was kinda nuts today. he wanted to cook instead of going down for dinner. omg. went with him to buy the ingredients and helped him chop the vegs and others. the food tasted quite good. but too salty for me i guess. and i wont ever do this again. food at the coffeeshop is almost the same price and much better. XD

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

hmmm. didn blogged the past few days again.. okay, the last post ended at the world cup thingy. woke up at about 10 that day. so tired.. slept for 5 hrs. hhahs. then i started on many many things. at last i was able to link my blog to my ftp server. hurray. hahs. working on a resource site currently. hope it'll be good. but it takes too much of my time. very difficult to do. met alot of probs on the way. haiz. maybe more effort put in the better it'll be i guess. thats how i spent the day. on the computer. it was the same for monday. only that monday i had a clearer vision of my target. hahs. and i was also able to make Users Online php codings!! no need hosted script de liao. but i was so worried then. didn even do a single hmwk which i had so many. haiz. didn feel like going school on tues, today. slept so late then wake up late. bo pian still must go. nothing really special today. DnT was quite fun. English, normal lah. Everything was boring, as usual. But i saved quite some money today. needa save more. owe pple many presents. haiz. hahahas. the feeling of brokeness must never be underestimated. now to talk about pple. guanru. woah. what should i say. i hate him from the inside i guess. he is lyk, always suanning me? today i asked him things about maple. i asked him if he knows who is the current top lvl person and replied, it mus be your bro's friend right??? wtf man. don care anything le lahs. i still rmb last tym he "played" maple and was lvl was quite high. its his bro de lor. still wan haolian. okay back to today. went to esaint hse to do smth html thingys as he wanted my help but end up doing nothing. i did my website lahs but he just played DoD. a normal day i guess. maybe not so normal as i admitted.
My website. 10% finished.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

jus came back from coffeeshop. sad lah. brazil lost. but it was a nice match. all pros in soccer. hendry did well. but i like brazil more. haiz. im currently using my psp to blog. bo pian lah. bro using comp. its quite fun anw. its alr 540. no nid sleep le. but die lah. still got alot projects to do. haiz. btw my forum is up.=) tiredness engulf me.

its 2.30. just came back from coffeeshop watching soccer. england v portugal. england lost! their panalty sucks man, but no doubt portugal's keeper, ricardo is good. okay. don talk about soccer already. so tired. woke up at about 9 today and used the computer for a while. editing this blog. added a forum. =) and rushed off to meet lennon at yck. i was so late man. i had to reach yck by 1 but instead i left house at 12.50. hahs. but lennon was no different. we both met on the mrt train. hahas. then went to the hawker centre behind school to meet derek and wenjun. ate 2 plates of duck rice man. its nice mah. $2 only. but became so full after that. derek also brought his PSP with 2 games. nice ones. GTA! hahs. i also got.. then went to school in the nick of time. exactly. hahs. after blahblah, got on the bus at last. and derek, lennon and i were like taking turns playing the PSP. didn felt fun though. XD i was playing songs with my bros hp as i took from him but it became no batt after a short while. haiz. forgot to charge i tink. reached the stadium. kinda. ut it was a "short" walk to the stadium. there were like so many schools. chatted alot on the way. with madeline and others. WAHAHAs. purposely typed out madeline's name. the sun was burning hot then. and we were like walking under the sun. it was qiote long before we entered the HOT stadium. we were literally burning i guessed. but i was seated like away from everyone. bo pian. the usher told me to. but luckily cherie came and sat with me. got a company at least. audrey was also with her. pam and others were sitting behind me. i was happy. i still got pple who cared about me. the sun was so unbearable. hahs. went to buy drinks many tyms, but i regretted doing so. lost money instead. they gave me the money but it seemed like i had to use my own and didn get it back. my accounts is bad. but nvm lah. the first trip, it was with sherlyn[wrong spelling?] and pam. met derek and others on the way. but was angry that they said i pangsehed them. it seems like they were the one. and they kept scolding me. wtf man. just becos he wanted me to keep his PSP and i wasnt able to return? was so disappointed. walked for quite a distance until we reached a vending machine, with like only 3 types of drinks left to buy. green tea, Qoo and something mandrin orange. but derek and the others disappeared then after that they said i pangsehed them again. wtf man. i was like buying drinks with sherlyn and they could see that. i didn really see the show. i was like at the outside of the stadium the whole tym. only watched the finale i guess. but it was nothing really interesting. but played whacking balloons with audrey. hahs. so fun. she abit gong oso. i used the "baloon" and whack her head from behind and she thought it was loretta. hahs. was like laughing away totally. the second tym i w ent to buy drinks was with sherlyn again.but cherie also followed. chatty me chatted alot i guess. the sun was about to set when i went back in to watch the finale. i hate heat man. the show ended but we only left after about 30mins. took many pictures at the meantime. with many pple of cuz. some were with friends like kelvin and others. no many pictures maybe. and we left the stadium and walked the "short" distance to the bus park. nicholas and yusong totally suanned another school man. that school was like cheering a cheer? and they were like following along. our choir was so messed up. it was cut into 2 sections as half had to stop at a road where a police usher will let pedestrians cross after intervals. the other school was like so organized in 3s. at last we reached the place the bus was parked. but then i went back to madeline's gang[?] but she said pangsehed her. was so sad then man. i thought that girls always don want me to disturb them as i was always shooed by girls from my class. i also thought that alwyn could already accompany you and i also don want others to say me lightbulb. haiz. she was like so angry wid me. haiz. got on the bus and madeline slowly can talk le. lolx. enjoyed the bus trip. hahas. got kelvin by my side. hes cute man. and v lame. but she just don want to take a photo with me. i felt weird. she and i always tried to take a picture during choir prac but cannot get a good one but now she dont want to even take. dono why lahs. then i went home. took the same bus with yusong and kelvin. they all had already alighted when the bus reached my stop.i was standing infront of the door as it was reaching but then when the bus sudddenly jerked when it accelerated, the old lady beside me fell. omg. she fell behind me. heng landed on her butt. but why i so suay one. hahs. carried her up then i don care le and went home. hahs.but i was like finding for my mom as i called her to come down as i wanted to eat at the coffeeshop but ishe was no where in sight. but when i reached home she oso not in. then she called and said why i was at home. hahs. then my mom ownself went with my 2nd bro to eat as planned. and i and my 3rd bro went to eat at 1 as we knew there was a match. it ended and here's now. 2.55am. gonna watch the next match.france v brazil. its still a happy day after everything. enjoyed it. and now then i know that i am not so ignored by pple. gonna put this post in my fond memories.

Madeline: Sorry, i didn know that you knew i wasnt around. in my class, i was always shooed away so i thought you are the same. you proved me wrong. wouldnt do it again.=)

Lennon: Please stop saying that i like cherie. Please.

Everyone: who have pictures taken with me please send me. MSN:

Saturday, July 01, 2006

its already 2.30. didn blogged for the past few two days. did nothing actually. its thurs. kinda cant really rmb what happened. okay.. lets see. its thurs. tmr need to hand up projects which i don intend to. heres the interesting part. i was supposed to researched on "diary of post war problems" kinda like a source. but man, i just cant find it. so i just printed out problems on post war. which i was suppose to bring on wednesda but i didn. belicia also didn what. then she summore tell me, szehoe you better bring tmr. she ownself didn bring still want talk big. actresses. haiz. then thursday, i brought it. but si xuan wasn't happy. we hadto use the source and do kinda worksheet. have to think of questions and write out the ans. but my research is alike to ck's and she want me to write about my source. i told her, but mine will be exactly like ck then she just gimme the fucked up face and say anyhow do lah. what the fuck is with the attitude man. then i dono what she told belicia, belicia suddenly come to me and said, are you in the team anot,szehoe. as if i ever said i didn want to do. they are just all the same, a clique. helps each other without knowing the facts. fuck up man get a life. maybe belicia was abit more understanding. i told her what was going on and she gave me another source from the textbook. man, sixuan, don tink you always ACT gong can give a fucked up attitude. enjoyed the art lesson. we had to sketch somewhere/something which you can see from the parade square so i did the facade of the school from the parade ground. did quite a good but no to the details job. chatted with stacy and juinli quite alot. they are quite good friends to make actually. then after school ended, i actually wanted to go wih stacy to find wenyi present but she kinda like don want me to go, so nvm lors. met my family and gang. xueli, cuzzie, and others. went to eat at cwp and went to pam hse. it was the first time for me. kinda bored at there but nvm. then vincent and i went for cycling, with a bike. switch here and there. hahas. but there was like this woman, sorta crazy i think, stood by the side of the road, and scolding something or someone towards the firection of the church. is she cursing the church or what. dono. i only know that she used 4 hokkien vulgarities in 20secs. pam and others also saw it from on top and came down. hahas. did nothing really. sang, like we usually do. and we met a P5 boy whom we talked to. he was a maple freak in which kaihui and i doubted alot of. there isnt much to say about then really. and after quite sometime, after sitting somewhere looking at the crazy woman, after the crazy woman went off, we too took our leave. it was still fun in the end. then here comes friday. kinda rushing in the morning. reached the mrt station at 645 but didn take the train. stayed with stacy to wait for wenyi. guess so. but then vincent came also came. kaihui joined at admiralty. reach the school and literally slept during assembly. was so tired. there was summore so much talks from the ncc and saint john birgade teachers. so sian. blahblah. slept totally during the first lesson. chinese lesson. haha. but i didn really cared lahs. then it was PW and mr wang took us to the comp lab to do reseach. as if anyone did. lite lesson was quite interesting as we are learning about a whole new book. YOU DONT KNOW ME. its true. no one really know me. then we had some group thingy which we have to find evidences about something. then we were talking and talking. chatting and chatting. we = belicia, sixuan, kelvin and donovan. and it was until one point when kelvin opened donovan's wallet and there were like so many talismans in there. then belicia was like, whats is that. oh talismans. EEEK. i wont dare to touch it. and she starts critising buddhism and taoisim. man. she just thinks that HER religion is so good. CHRISTAIN big arh. kao pei. christain cannot touch talismans arh, like real like. make your own believes. that was the BIG thing of the day. after that is english classes. one of the most boring classes. did listening compre today but as usual i didn bring my workbook. did on a worksheet. the listening compre was about a diary entry which was very interesting. it's kinda alike to me i feel. about a loner. and this sentence of the listening compre stood in my mind for so long until now. Silence, always my fortess. Sometimes my present. after school, as planned, went out with sec 1s choir members to eat at the hawker behind. lennon, madeline, norlieen and kelvin. ate quite long i think. was late for choir. but i didn know that kelvin was a lame guy. his jokes were really nice. all with good linkage. choir was quite fun today. the song was nice. titled ONE. dont know what its about but i know its nice. got kinda rap in it for the boys. ms yee couldnt teach much too as she got cough or something.choir ended. went to cwp with kelvin and junhao. both of us, me and kel, bought a waterbottle. yay. lolx. for tmr's SYF thingy. scared no water. hahs. and junhao gotta say goodbye. and think i also met jac at cwp. if its really her, she changed alot. ate dinner at long john with kelvin. he also ate. but he was suppose to eat dinner at home. aiyah. he arh. waste money. hahaha. but hes a good friend. sec1. i can say that he is innocent. pure innocent. with no idea of whats betrayal and backstabbing. it was about 8 and he was afraid to walk his apartment corridor so i accompanied home with him until his doorstep. kinda hero huh. lolx. and blahblah. here i am. infront of my computer. typing. cool. its july 01. yeah! and i have just changed skin. took like almost 7hrs working on it. dont think of changing it anymore for the next few weeks. i just changed it too last 2 days. abit to fast huh. its summore done with my crappy computer. man. my computer crash. haiz. for now, sleep. there's still the dono what SYF thingy. haiz.

to belicia and sixuan, i have wrote this here not for the sake of provoking you both. its better i write it here than saying it into your faces. be happy with it. both of you should already know your own attitude.