Wednesday, May 31, 2006 had a normal day i guessed. went for choir rehersal and came home and slacked. didn make any skins. but i jus don know why i feel jus so frustrated. inside me its seems im dying. i am currently sitting infront of the laptop with a direct fan but im still breaking a cold sweat. wads wrong with me now? is it bcos of my flu, cough, and sore throat. or is it bcos of her? dono. and now i am jus feeling so fucked up. i tink i nid inspirations. pls comment wad shud i make on the tag. or i tink ill jus stop making skins. DYING.

wah. she only 'flew!' at 1am. wonder wads she doing there now. and i will be lyk going "got miss me anot". nvm lah. today still got choir prac at hdb hub. sianz. need to go prepare le.. but i don have choir tee. dono how lahs. jill say shell try to help. dono lehs. stopping skins currently i tink. =) chao

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

sobs. shes flying off already. hahahas. nvm lahs. 4 days nia. hmmm. dono wad to make for my nxt skin le. now is getting more and more siao liao. so many commenters and flamers. i tink i am repeating bahs. hahaha. nvm. talk about my personal life. slacked today. jus hope dat my hols wun be wasted again. haiz. bo pian le. i tink i nid to go mac work. if not waste a lot of time. but need injection leh. if work in restaurant. haiz. hmm. and btw i updated my blog lyk siao liao.



2 of my newest skins i've created.

hmm. seemed lyk it has been ages since i posted. haha. so what shud i say. ITS THE HOLS! planning to work but jus find no place to. don wanna work at restaurant lyk mac. but wanna work at cavana but cwp not hiring. sian. so continue making skins lor. its my past time now. but i am getting to know more and more ppl from blogskins le. love making frens as i have none. hmm. to all phs 'frens' the tagboard may consist of ppl totally of stranger to you but nvm. hmm. today made a skin in 1hr but many ppl lyk it though. now the top15 is getting harder and harder to enter. with more flamers and more commenters. jus to get to the 15th, youll nid 10 comments of 5stars. dam. last tym i jus need 4 and there i am. haiz. don feel lyk submitting le. no one will see. it will jus be in the most recent for 30mins and then hide in darkness. haiz. sick today too. she is flying off. gona miss her badly. anyway, she already got a stead. i shall wait. time is wad i have.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

hmm. and btw i also made a new skin tis morning as i had nth to do. and now its in the top 15 rated. go check it out. made a new friend today. toxic-waste. wahahs.


hmm. didn blog yesterday as nth really happened. woke up so dam late yesterday. 2pm in the afternoon and got headach the whole day. so did nth really.then slept at 12 and woke up unusually early today. 7 in the morning. got some weird dreams which are slowly slipping from my mind now. i jus dont know why its difficult to rmb dreams. but i if i rmbed clearly, i was trapped literally in a dream, or a nightmare. i thought i was dreaming and was fully awake as i was still in my room on the same bed and my bro was sleeping. but i was dreaming! i had 5 bolster which in reality i only have 2! but i jus thought it wasnt a dream! then i suddenly woke up. dam scary. if i didn wake up, where will my soul be now? haix.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

wah. school is so boring. today got uniform check. hahaha. i tio caught then mus change shorts. so happy. my shorts is already in bad condition le so exchange for new one and jus 1 size smaller. so happy. haha. but the workshop was interesting, the game too. and the instructor too. very good guy lah he. and damn big size. as usual, the school is in chaos. teachers suddenly lyk all gone lehs. my cher mr wang come into our class, we all use hp he oso don care. good cher. talk about blogskins now, today i suddenly lose interest in skinning ler. suddenly i realised dat alot ppl don really lyk my blogskins. nvm lahs. *i will hide behind the shadows*

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

God damnit. the sotd results are out. i first thought at last i could get it. BUT IT SUDDENLY CAME OUT TO BE LIONHEART'S! argh. he won me still in the end. why do i always miss by that bit.. nvm lahs. i lost to a pro skinner too. and i think i am gona submit many skins and RAPE the top 15! now already 3 of mine are at top 15 rated lerx. hmm. i tink i go lunch now.

hmm.start of my 2nd post of today. my inspirations are getting me no where. i just dono why i feel i am at loss when you are not around. you are my inspirations, cheryl-blogskinner. ok, lemme see. did 2 skins again for the morning but which i see wasnt really welcomed. not many ppl rated by its still 5/5. i guessed that most of them are still in school. hope both of them can go at least top15. *cross finger* jus now even mr wang called. he is a good and caring teacher man. i pon school for 2 days and he thought something happened. hmmm. its 1.30 now and i dono wad to do. nuthin to do. cant think of any blogskins to do. SOMEONE HELP ME! SAVE ME!

haix. today again didn go school. so dam sian. jus woke up and again was on the comp. but my mom keep nagging and nagging ask me to do something FRUITFUL. define fruitful. haix. adults these days are jus so lame. they jus cant see eye to eye with us. ok. lets talk about blog now. Sandra: you say i cheat to make my skin first right? go check lionheart's new skin love or pride. wonder if LEK was helping him. cos they are also many new accounts. get the facts right. don accuse me. hmm. thats dat. now i dono wad theme mus i make for my next skin. any idea? its already 8 now.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hmm. jus changed my skin. TO MY FAVE SKIN i made today. hehes. comments at tagboard lehs.

hmm. my 2nd post for today. didn went for lunch. ate maggie. wahhas. Cheryl so caring lehs. muahhas. my headach is still on for the whole day. hahhas. jus submitted again one new skin. my first try of traditional blog. kae. now back to my personal life. nth to say? ate dinner and again on the comp. planted myself at the comp for the whole day. so wad can i say? muahahs

yesterday. totally did nothin in school. thus, it makes no sense to blog. hmmm. lets talk about today. yesterday so sian so today i don go school lorx. had my alarm rung at 7 but i didnt noe why i was deaf and only woke up at 12. wahahas. then i started again on blogskins. my bro was so dam lame. he is in poly and always brought the laptop which i nided with him but today he didnt bring. but i could only use for 1 1/2 hrs. why? he forgot to take the adapter out from his bag which he use everyday. haix. bo pian. had to use the lousy comp which slows down my speed by 2 times. god damnit. made 1 blog which totally gave me a headach and i tink i am having a slight fever now. its already 3 and i haven go for lunch.. i tink i shud go now. CHAO

Monday, May 22, 2006

now its already 12.30 and i have sch tmr morning. haix. today didnt really enjoy. Jiani wan jus such a fucker. She is really getting on my nerves. Didnt noe where or what did i offend her, she jus keep suanning me. Fuck her attitude. Went to Stel party at pizza hut. before that i did a last minute present. Bought a bdae card from popular and a $1 pen. Didnt check the price of the card out and got scam. So dam expensive for a card. nvm lahs. its for my mei mei mahs. I don noe if i shud be happy or sad now. One of my skins submitted was top rated but Sandra suspected it was foul play. nvm lahs. jus did another blog skin in about 1 1/2 hr. Wan to go sleep lerx. Tis is my 3rd post for today.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Woah. Slept at 2 yesterday and woke up at 8. With thoughts of completing my anime blogskin and i did it. Submitted it at 9 and now its 10 but no one rated it!! So angry. But other new skins also had no comments, no ratings. I guessed dat no one was searching for new skins. Wads in plan for today. At 1215 i will leave house for Stella's Bdae party! YAY...hahahs.but for now, dono wad to do.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hi everyone. The previous posts are old ones. Welcome to my new skin. Made by me!! hahas. enjoy.
About these few days, haix. Fuken exams had totally dampen my spirits. Studied lyk crazy but still end up so lousy. Why is life so difficult for me? For some people, they don't need to even study can can get even high. Life is jus so unfair. Unpredictable. Failed english, jus bcos i missed a dam fuking page which worth 20marks. I cried. It has been 2 years sinced dat ever happened. But i thought crying was good, punch the wall god damnit. Until bleed. My results are, Maths-53, Sci-64, Chi-55, HE-64, Lit-56, Eng-45, Geog-56. FUCK it. All not better than b4! How can i enter Jc. Anyway, i have drop hopes entering dat. Poly is better. Haiz. These few days dam low. But quite happy as now i know i have my real friends. Some which i dont even know they were. Thx everyone. I am gonna spend time on making skins and if you want me to help, simply msg or call me. THX for being there with me, my friends.

Today. Thought that I will pia study. But went out to play in the end. Woke up at about 12 then my father wanted me to follow my bros out to play as one of my bro is in army and could only come back once in a week. I keep saying no but, Haix. I thought they were going to orchard but when in my dad’s car, they suddenly say they wanted to visit places of interest. Wtf siah. Waste my damn time. Visit places lyk kent ridge park, Labrador park blah blah. Don wan to waste my time typing that. It was only at about 630 and my father gtg so he alighted us at orchard where we went to PLAY. Went to see rock guitars and they almost wanted to buy. I am sort of a stranger to that. Then went to play an hr of billiards. I WON ONE OF MY BROS! yay. Hahas. After playing, went walk walk. Then we saw one lan shop and we ask the price. $2 per hr nia! So cheap. So play dota lor. Play play play. Until so happy. Then play cs can say sort of thrash them man. =) Went to eat and then my dad came to fetch us home. Nothing really much happened today. Was so sleepy so I slept. It was about 1 then. This weekend, I would sleep later than 1 leh. Dono y oso.

Hmmm. Today. So stressed up. Got 3 tests. Maths, home econs, and geog. Haix. Yesterday I went jiacai’s hse and studied a lot for geog so I was confident. But for maths and home econs, dono wad to do. Early in the morning, about 645, I reached woodlands mrt and met jienli. I was unable to study home econs as I didn’t have a book ( I wont study still even I have one ) so I lent from him. Man. He told me to study 2 , 4, 5 chapters which are difficult ones. Studied and read in the mrt as jienli, junhao and I sat on the floor of the mrt train. When I reached sch, I realized that I had forgotten to bring something important, PE uniform~ I wan to take my 2.4! so I went around asking. At last, singhau got 2 pe shirt so he lent me one, which was quite big but it fits me jus right. Almost got caught to cut hair, I shud say. But no one in our class did. Heng. But I totally messed up my hair as I was afraid to be caught. Haix~ but I didn’t cared. During pe, I didn’t nid to run as I had already passed, but I wasn’t happy that the fact that joel had the same timing as me when I ran in stadium and he ran at sch. So I wanted to ran in sch and get my timing. The first lap, Wesley and waikuong were the only 2 who were running in front of me but I continued jogging and soon, the 2nd lap, waikuong slowed. Wesley had quite good stamina compared to others as he had ‘survived’ to the 4th lap in front of me. Lolx. I shud say that my timing was almost the same every lap as I didn’t slowed nor sped up. But mr ang miscalculated my laps and I actually had to run an extra round. But I didn’t know why he suddenly made me run only 10. my timing was 11.58 which I was quite satisfied has I had lessen my timing by a long 30sec. it was only until I get to class that I know that guanru and helped me to ‘scold’ mr ang and that mr ang had no choice. Hahas. Thanks man. After PE, I was so sweaty and I had maths test after that. Immediately, I dried myself and got last minute revision. Didn’t even revised anything for maths. So dead. The first few qns was quite easy until the 2nd page. I left in total 3 / 10 qns blank!! How can it BE! So DEAD. but I couldn’t worry to much as I got many more tests to go for the day. Haix. The nxt was home econs and I had home econs test! Omg. We went for recess first and it was only during recess I heard that the chapters had change and it was only chapters 1 and 2. immediately I took other ppl’s textbk to revise my chapter 1. the time for test came quite fast and I thought that I did a below average. Left quite a number of blanks. Haix. after that test, we totally slacked for the nxt two lessons as cher jus told jus to do our workbk corrections. (when I haven even pass up) after that lesson was ENGLISH and it was A star program. **** boring. Literally slept for the whole thing. On the seminar room floor as my group, xiaomin etc were writing script which I don even noe for wad and didn’t bother. So slept for the whole 1hr. so shuang. After that was lit but mr white didn’t really go thru much about Macbeth as it was only about 15mins cos ppl were late.the nest lesson was GEOG! Test again. But I was VERY confident in this test. Got the paper and thought, WTF? Its so dam easy. This was wad that made my day. I knew every ans for the qns. Everyone said that the paper was easy, which means competition was high too. But nvm. Happy enuf. End of sch but got reprimanded by mr wang as I didn’t bring my sch badge and he told me to meet him during recess which I forgot to. He gave me 2hr dc but he said I can do it after exam. Nvm lahs. Didn’t cared. Today I was going to jc hse again to study, CHINESE. Jc borrowed from joel 5 buck jus to get a shou ce so that we can revise. Lolx. ate at LJS and went to his hse immediately to study. But it was kinda slack as he keep wanting to sleep. Every chapter we study he will sleep at least for 5-10mins. Lolx. but studied quite a lot I shud say. The whole BOOK! Chapter 1-15. muahahahs. Got home after tat. And so now I am sleepy and I am going to sleep although still revising Chinese for tmr. BUAIX and GOODNITE.

Today’s the performance! So excited. Yesterday slept at 2, woke up today at 530. so damn tired. Meeting my cousin, mummy, aunt, lennon, Derek for breakfast. I reached the mrt station kinda too early. I was suppose to meet pam(aunt) at 640 but I reached at 620. Felt abit hungry so I bought some curry puffs and a soyabean can drink at the vending machine outside the mrt station. But the irony is that I am going to meet them for breakfast and I am already eating my breakfast. Hahas. That pam hor.. I went in the mrt station at about 635 and waited and waited. Kept going up and down the escalator as I was afraid that she might be waiting for me downstair. ONLY UNTIL 650 THEN SHE COME AND MANAGE TO CATCH THE TRAIN. Hahas. I almost left without her as I thought she didn’t see me and went for yck already. Sunday mrt are always empty so we got seats. Blahblah~ after that long ride, at last we reached yck, then pam said that she was VERY hungry and I got a currypuff left and gave it to her, and we were guessing who is already there. We both thought that we are the first. To our surprise, Derek was already there, outside the school gate. Then we waited not long after the others start to come. We then walked to the hawker centre behind the school and I ATE NTH, cos I was full already. But PAM still continued her breakfast. HUGE appetite. Not lyk me. Always don eat breakfast. She ate nasi lemak, mummi ate carrot cake and…forgot xueli eat wad liao. I only rmbed that Derek treated us to soya bean! My second cup of the day. While they were still eating, Derek wanted go buy some snacks as he wasn’t eating, so I and lennon followed him to 7-11 where bought SO MANY gums ( I think ). In total, he spend $10+ jus on snacks and sweets. Then we meet up again and walked back to school where we waited for a while and proceeded to the indoor stadium. When I was in the coach about to set off, I saw mr white walking and I was lyk knocking ( kae lah. Sort of banging ) on the glass pane of the bus trying to call out for him. Then the bus driver come and school me. WTF siah. Fuck him man. Haha. But I didn’t care lah. Didn’t let it dampen my day. After quite long, we at last reach the indoor stadium, and as usual, we sang on the bus. Not v lively today. Guessed that everyone was tired from yesterday’s late rehearsal. Before the whole thing started, we were visited at our sitting place by an unexpected guest. MRS CAROLIN TAN! Woah. It frightened us. Hahas. As usual she talked lah. About the 125 number. 1+2+5=8 and 8 means a whole new beginning in the bible. Lolx. The event was so damn boring. I should say that I was quite confused on when are we going to sing too. And we kept sitting and standing, sometimes for prayer and sometimes for singing. Hahax. The worst part was the Sermon. It was a 30-60min(lost track of time) scripture reading and I and Nicholas jus slept on the chair. It was so damn boring man. Its lyk recital! People were so bored that some of them even drew on the itinerary cover. Example: cherie. She literally drew and filled up the whole cover! Which came out to be quite nice too. Then nich suddenly took his itinerary out too and drew tic tac toe and I started playing with him. For the first 4 consecutive game I won him and he knew my trick. Whenever my turn was the first to start, I will surely win or the most, a draw. I wont ever lose when my turn was the first and soon he found out my trick. Wahahahas. There was another event when only people who were baptized were given bread and wine in a packet to celebrate something about easter I think. Dono lahs. I oso not sure. But that was quite interesting as I didn’t experience such things before. I was 90% in my dreamland when the anniversary was taking place. Lolx. After the anniversary, pam, anna, xueli and I was separated from the choir as the bus was full and went back in another bus. With other strangers. Totally bored. We shud be singing in the other bus but tis bus was especially quiet. All grown-ups. We went for lunch at northpoint co spam and xueli wanted to meet someone after their lunch to study in the woodlands library. In the mrt, was so damn tired so I sat on the CHAIR(I will mostly sit on floor) and slept while they sat on the floor blasting their mp3. wahahahas. ( as anna’s mp3 got speaker ) We went to mac to eat. I ate fillet student meal, of course, but the shaker fries, I felt that if I continue to eat that I will surely end up in hospital. It was so salty! Then out of the sudden, lennon, limhan, and 2 more other choir boys came to our table. It was lyk a big gathering as 2 small tables with 6 tables, some standing some sitting. Underground society gathering. Lolx. After eating lunch, about 3, anna and I separated from them and we went home. End of the exciting day. Not so exciting I shud say. Haix. Gtg sleep liao.

It has been lyk a few days since I blogged? In short, nothing really happened. Thus I didn’t record in my history. Long story short, today I went to school but on the way, met kai hui, whom was meeting xueli (my cousin) too at yishun. Got off the train squeezed with people. Not that bad I shud say, as it was still quite early and early birds are always least to the later ones. Sat jus near the control station and waited for about 5mins and TATA, she came. Then of course started chit-chatting and as usual, we kept teasing her. She retaliated. BY PINCHING! *ouch* We boarded the last train which was far more worse than the train b4. People tried to squeeze in even when there’s no space. Reached school just when the gates were about to close. Everyone was already standing and preparing for flag raising with THEIR TIES ON and I forgotten to bring mine. One of my tie was with esaint but he forgotten to bring it too. But he himself got a tie, from xuanliang. I kept ‘praying’ that no teacher will catch me as I cant stand for the whole assembly. Low blood circulation. Will be very dizzy. God helped me. There was a meeting at the library during reading period and all the teachers went away. There was time constraint and when the meeting ended, we have to go back class immediately. Thus there was no time for me to get caught. *hehe* The first period was kinda boring as it was Science lesson and Mr Lim pon school. The same old relieve cher who jus come to class to ‘play’. Hahaha. But we discussed about the class tee which I jus designed. I and guanru carried on to discussed about the shirt even until geog lesson and got scolded for singing and making too much noise. Not scold in that sense but I could feel that my cher was angry. Mr Ng. THE MOST FRIENDLY CHER. Meanwhile, belicia and the girls were collecting money for jeanette’s present. Tis is the blog which I shall not tell my truly inner thoughts but I think I have told you in school, belicia. Blahblah and I forgot was happened the other lessons. Oh ya. Chinese, todae got spelling. And as usual, copying. Leslie was even more professional now. He literally wrote the ans on the book with a pencil on another page. Hahas. PRO. And I, as usual copied Wes’s. After Chinese lesson is English, one of my fav. Lessons. For your info, my fav. lesson = slacking lesson. I went there to literally slack. Mr Chin gav out the test paper we had a day b4 and I can’ believe it. I got 17.5/25 while many others failed. Didn’t talked much today and left after the bell rang for ART lesson. Todae, we had to design/paint a metal disk with a NE message. I did the NE msg ‘We must ourselves defend Singapore.’ And drew a shield with a sword on the island of Singapore. And with 4 stickman on the top part of the disk with different skin colour. You shud noe wad I mean. It ended up quite nice indeed but I wasn.t really satisfied. Always the same. hahahas. Then after art was assembly but it was changed to HOME period. YAY! But for that lesson, we got scold for the foodfair. Cos the class had a 500% loss. The class used $200 for the food etc but oni got back $16 for the sales. Mr Teo ‘Now you have to solve the problem as a class.’ **** School dismissed after that, but I still got choir PRAC! Argh. Went with jiacai to eat at bishan BM with junhao along. Lent jiacai a dollar as he didn’t have enough. But on the control station of yck mrt station, we met yuhyan. She was unable to get in as her card had insufficient funds. And she didn’t have the money to top up. So we first thought of something, we get in together and I lent her my ez link for the week. But I tot, Saturday and Sunday I got things up. How am I gonna travel. So we tot of another plan. As Felicia was there too, yuhyan will get off the mrt too with Felicia and take a bus home. Problem solved. Then we went along with out eating. Blahblah~ back to school again for choir prac. Sang windy nights and jubilant song – 2 v old songs already but miss Yee wasn’t pleased. After that miss Yee went home and we started to learn a dance. Forgot wad dance but I only noe its quite a simple dance. With many but simple steps. I kind of had grasped of it. Then went we were in choir room, the girl seniors said that the boys were too noisy and wanted to punish us by running 5 rounds the parade square. No kick man. But the parade square was occupied and we had to run 5 rounds the small field. Still no kick to me but too some ppl, it does. Went home with junhao and Kelvin tan after that. At woodlands mrt, Kelvin tan’s father was waiting for him at the control station and we waved good bye to him. I and junhao too. Got a bus and reached home. Didn’t eat dinner and planted myself infront of the comp until now I guessed. Or manybe some tv breaks. Its 12:35 already. Tired. Go Oink oink liao. Buaix.

ok...I am gona post some old entries so if you can don bother to read them but there's quite a lot.

Friday, May 19, 2006


At last, my self-designed blog is up. So please enjoy. I took 2 whole hours just to do it.