Monday, August 20, 2007

Another day out with my cousins!

The day before yesterday, it was the last paper of my common test! The common test just took up so much of my sleeping time, I was already exhausted. But the day just after the last paper, I was going out with my cousins! Freakin' tired.

In the car going to meet them, I slept thru' the journey. Ahhhh, how can I enjoy the day like that?! And we're even going to the movies, just hopin' for myself not to sleep in the movie. Junction8 wasn't even half-open when we reached there, but my brother had already booked the tickets for the movie "Secrets". And I didn't know that there's a dollar surcharge for bookings.

They were like so late? Supposed to be meeting them at 1030, but they only came on 1130. The other two brothers came first. Jerald and .... Shit forgotten his name. Just some JC guy going to take his A levels. Walked around to waste time. And I saw my rabbit hoppin' around Junction8 with her mate. Yihui! Or maybe it was she who saw me. They came, and I was already hunger-dead, yet they didn't wanted to eat, so I just ate the popcorns! Went into the movie, and saw my rabbit again! "Such a small world..." She said in her blog, yeah! So many other movies to watch, why Secrets? xP They're a couple, but us?

The movie was great. Totally unexpected. I wonder if its true? They even showed a 1979 Class Photo with Jay in it, but Jay can't be that old either. Maybe its all fictional? They just made the photo. Yeah. Supernatural hardly exist in this world. Hardly, doesn't mean don't. It was still a great movie tho'. All the girls are so pretty.:D

The movie ended, and they delayed and delayed when I was already hunger-fied. At last, after walking around for quite long, even went to visit the Jacobs Showcase at Level 2 Atrium, got some free biscuits to eat, they wanted to go to Macdonald to eat. But my brother and me went to MOS Burger ourselves. Ate the prawn cutlet burger, kinda' missed that time eating with Cher. Going out with her just lit my life.. Back to the topic, I even saw Rachel with her boyfriend! It has been like 3 years since I last saw her?! Sigh, feeling so saddened, every girl has a boy, everyone has a partner to rely on.

After eating, they were deciding where to go yet again. I'd just hate it, they're all so indecisive. Bowling bowling! Yeah, they decided on going bowling, instead of pool. Went to Yishun Safra as my brother is a member there, but somehow, the offer only applies to the card holder. Sigh! Still, after going rounds, to the arcade, the pool centre and also the swimming pool (They actually wanted to swim in their clothes!), and at last we went to the bowling alley. Saw Qian Hui at the pool centre tho'. I am always right, she got the pretty looks, which stands out even more in her outing clothing. Haha, but she was so bored there. Her friend even wanted to get one of my cousins' handphone number. Too bad they're from Holland. x)

Went to bowl, got our lanes quite quick. And Boyi, wanted to have her bumpers! Lol, would it be fun? They could even strike with it! Haha. My score ain't that bad afterall as its not my usual Sport. Hmm, but didn't even got a strike. I also gave some of my turns to Liting, she didn't wanted to play. After that, went for some pool-ing at the table in the bowling alley. Boyi wanted to learn how to play, and she was indeed a fast learner! Just 2 rounds of it, and we went to find the others at the arcade. Blahblahblah, and we didn't know where to go next. So just slacked at the corridors of the Club. Then met with some troubles, my cousin Boyi, being a busybody, told 2 gangsta's not to smoke and pointed to the no-smoking sign. Cultural difference it maybe, I wouldn't really bother. Then the security guards came and shoo-ed them off. When they were walking away, my other cousin kept looking, and the usual reply by those people, "Kua lan jiao ah?". Who bothers? Just don't wan'na get into useless troubles and waste our time.

We decided to go to my place, and walked to the MRT. Somehow, the two guys were behind us, but I wouldn't really bother, as if they really wanted to "tio" us, they would have done it in the Club already. Just went our own ways. Kinda' slipped into the mrt, I forgotten to bring my Ez-link, but didn't wanted to spend money on the train rides. Haha. Went to the coffeeshop near my house and they were again, deciding to whether take-away or eat in. Freak! So it was take-away at last. Reached my house and I wondered, are they staying in or going home? If they are going home, they can't stay for long as they need to catch the train. Ended up staying instead tho'. And I don't mind them staying, its always fun with them around. Didn't play hide and seek like before tho', just slacked around and some went to get rest. Liting and Jerald was with me at the computer, QuanYi was with my eldest brother in the room, Kengguan, Benghock, and Boyi went for supper I suppose, and MeiYi was chatting with my mother. It was getting really late and most of them went to bed, unlike the time before which no one went to bed. It only left Boyi and Me who weren't asleep. Before that, I also made a new friend on msn! Joanna, didn't know she was friendly. Boyi didn't wanted to sleep tho', she was very troubled, yet couldn't talk about it. So we just chatted about other things, like her new life, what was she going to be? Quite unbelievable, we talked and talked, until the Sun rose up. It was morning already! She also said that I am not sensitive to girls, maybe that explains my flirt character? Sigh. But she also said that it was not surprising for me to be a flirt, she didn't say that I had the looks or what, just the character to make girls laugh? Happy? Didn't know that I had that "X-Factor".

In the morning, my Dad was going to Malaysia, and the others were still asleep. Went to disturb my 3rd Brother sleep, but I somehow ended up sleeping too. Was to exhausted, three days of sleep became 12hours. So what to expected, I slept till' night time. From the early morning, to 10 in the night! But I still woke up to send them off tho'. Somehow, the chatting last night, brought me closer to Boyi, and I sometimes missed that Hyper character of hers, but she also said that that wasn't her.

They are going back in four days' time. I guess I'll missed the times I spend with them, tho' I sometimes find them a lil' overboard and irritating.

Gonna' meet Boyi for pool tommorow! Guess that its gonna be fun. But she wants to go Escape too. Ahhhhh! And I am so gonna' skip school tommorow. There's a problem now, I can't go to bed! Just woke up not long ago from my sleep! Shit!

But it was good that I spent my whole day, it kept me from thinking about my life and friends. Thanks guys for all of your words of comfort. And TengHui, I know you! Thanks for that Birthday email too! And to ProFire, thanks! I guess I know what's my life going to be. Entrepreneur, but I am still trying to find the friends of life.


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