Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year

It has been years, since I posted something. Who's waiting?! No one I guess. Its okay, I will still blog about my life.

Not long ago, actually quite sometime ago, the secondary ones came for audition! So cute man... Small lil' ones.. Was I like them when I was secondary one too? It was fun playing games with them, though they didn't quite participated at first. And I always had this phobia, human phobia. I tend to get anxious or something when many people are looking at me, like ghost! But I realised, I ain't now! It was fun, until the "Guess that song" game steps in. Bloody Nicholas. No one knew what he put in for us. Nvm~ =)
And by the way, there were only two boys who actually able to get into choir. Oh my gosh, what's happening?! We are already short of boys, I guess. Bass only had one Secondary two, Alwyn. Who still had another cca.

Last Wednesday, the sectional leaders were invited to Mrs Wong house. Maybe not all. Some of the Secondary three SLs were not called or something. Ain't my fault though. I am a boy. Sherman always do things proper, he had sent a few smses to ask us to go. Why would I not go?xD And it doesn't end here! Gotta go out now and meet my brother. If ya waiting for my next post, don't mind tag on my tagboard, I'll be happier to know that someone reads my post! :)