Friday, December 01, 2006


I just hate it, after every memoriable events, I will have this heartach feeling for the next few days. Argh!!.. I had a weird fream even last night, very weird.. I think it was to contradict the bus trip back to school as it was quite bored. In my dreams, we were singing as people alighted, which I don't know why!
SingOut concert wasn't as "high" as expected. I even felt Razzmatazz was more fun and happier. Have to wait another year..=D I think I should blog now about the whole event.
I reached school at 1, which was said to be the time the bus will leave. Yet it hadn't arrived. Never mind, my stomach was also killing me as I didn't had breakfast. Unluckily, the chicken rice stall only had chicken and no rice to sell. LOL! And not long later, we boarded the bus and nothing really happened in there, cos' I slept the whole journey..(kind of)
We reached there, did our warm-ups with Miss Yee and HIHS. And oh ya, HIHS got their new choir tee, still at least they had use brushes, at least they knew something about photoshop. Wahahas. Then it was the rehersals, as usual, we already did this for like the third time and more than 6th for tact-runs! Don't want blog about it.. But indeed, watch the other reherse was fun, especially the mosquito song by St. Gabriel's! No Offence..
Then it was almost time, we had to get changed and eat our dinner and await the BIGTIME. Waahahaha. I couldn't really eat in my blazer, it was burning!.. But at least I felt we looked better compared to the St. Gabriel's.
Kinda regret not taking more pictures too, with my "friends". I always wonder how many are there? Blahblah..
It was time, 7pm++ as some VIPs were late. We walked into the hall, and up the stage. I looked down and like OHMYGAWD!.. They are so visible, so near.. Scary sia! So after the first song with combine choirs singing the french song, I took off my spectacles, one reason was image, the other so as to not see the audience! Clever me. We sang not bad I should say, for Gloria Deo, I couldn't even hear the Tenors.
The song ended, and we walked off stage. It was almost an end-show for the boys as we don't need to sing after that already. I felt that we were quite lucky to, to be able to sing one straight through. Wahahas, we went to change back to your jeans and tee and waited..and waited..we had alot time to slack. And I guess the others were jealous too, as I had gliter on my hair just like the HIHS!.. Thanks Darren aka Shit-Man. And we continue waiting..It was our time!.. We prepared ourselves ourside, which I always so unlucky and get scolded by senoirs. Grah.. As usual, we rushed in and tried to catch up with the dancing, I was able to, and also viewed the audience once through. Who'd surprise me, MR NG!!.. My Geography teacher, he had his girlfriend with him too, or is he already married? And MR TAN, MY MATHS TEACHER!! His family was here too!! Quite happy to see them too.. I don't really know how to describe the end of the concert, I felt it ended too quickly. Didn't really feel happy at all. Then we cheered and cheered for the teachers and others. I wonder how many times I'll appear in the pictures taken by the audience.. After the concert, the whole thing, they we all taking pictures, but I don't know who should I really take with.. So I didn't took many, the most is three. Loner me huh?
Then I went home with PAM and Cherie..with thay Gao Shou and I keep forgeting his name. When we were at the MRT station, I realised I left my shoe in the bus. FUCK!! That was my brother's. Crapped my day up, I called Mrs Wong, and she was driving. I wonder when will she ever call the Bus-Driver, until the shoe is gone? I will kill her.
That was my SingOUT Concert, not very very fun huh?