Thursday, March 01, 2007

I hate myself

I so hate myself. Everywhere I go, anywhere I go, I create trouble. Is it because of my character, my personality; Or is God against me. I just don't get it.

When I was Secondary One, even in the early months of the year, I already had problems with my Band Seniors, that's why I left.
In the same year, I had big problems with my form-teacher and led to Mr Wee which my mother had to come to school. My mother was very supporting though, and always spoke to Mr Wee with sarcasm, like what he always do. And this resulted me with a 3 month break from school.
That 3 month holiday wasn't good either, no friends, no one for me. I was totally isolated at home, didn't even step out of my house for that holiday! Trouble with friends.
That's just one year! And my trouble-doings make a list.

This year wasn't that good either. Last monday, I came 'late' for school, had excuse letter but the OM didn't take it. Kinda quarelled with him. Again! I created trouble.
After doing his detention, I rushed to choir without even having lunch. I went in, Ms Yee chased me out. Waited 2 hours for choir to end, so that I could talk to her. What did I get? "I don't want to see you, go away." My character killed her.

Why Is It Always Me?! I Just HATE Myself So Much... But my Character say no sorry. I hate myself.

Meeting the partner

It was fun! Meeting my brother and his friend. Such a friendly guy, we could talk even if that we do not know each other in the first place. Every thing we talked about then was design template for the site. Can't really set our minds on one though. He was rather good in flash too. A bit wasted is that he didn't know much of ActionScript. Aww.. Never Mind~ All we need is flash!xD

Okay, now about Mrs Wong and her house. We all met at Yishun, but it was actually novena and changed. I reached there rather early, the hair salon spoiled my plans. They were closed, I couldn't cut my hair and I didn't want to go back home. So I have so much time which I had in place for cutting my hair! Went almost an hour earlier than what was planned. Took my own sweet time eating anyway. Blahblah, nothing better to do, I went to Mini Toons to get a present which I owed Pamela for quite long already. $20! One of the most expensive present I ever spent you know! Haha, I am stingy!xD

After sometime, everyone met at Yishun Mrt and we went starbucks. I didn't really know what was the plan but who bothers~ Didn't get a drink though, and the boys decided to play at the nearby LAN shop as there was sometime. Thrashing hell~ People at there were NOOBS at counter-strike! Ahhh, though I deprove BADLY, I still got top frag. Haha! And after that the girls were rush us out of there.

Travel to Ang Mo Kio, things happened but we still got to Mrs Wong house. Condominium man! Richie rich. Teacher do earn quite some income. Kinda enjoyed myself there. But sickness got me. Argh, kept having often headaches. What's with me. There's sushi and everything, but nothing appeals me!xD Its okay, and the boys, all of them, went to play Basketball. Sicked me, didn't followed, but I don't quite like sports anyway. The left-overs played cards! Mrs Wong is a PRO man. Without a single cent, she won $4! I lost a dollar of my coin and stopped, cos' I had no coins left. Haha.

Everyone came back and Mrs Wong gave us AngBaos! Woo, $4. So that means she had spent over $100 for this? Including the food etc. Thanks Mrs Wong! And we all went home. Pamela pei-ed me to cut my hair though, but the other shop was closed too, at AMK hub. Slackers! It was a fun day though, but I could not go school the next day because of my hair. =)