Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lonely, long day.

Today, the lowest point in my life. Although nothing much had happened to me, or should I say that NOTHING happened, which made my life miserable. The day got so long, that things that happened in the morning, to me, it was like happenings of yesterdays.

My life had been very normal for the past few months, if you're wondering. Love, unreciprocated. Cher is still the same old cher, nothing changed. And Boyi seemed to disappear from my life, it seems like God is trying to delete her from my life. The photos disappeared into thin air when my brother reinstalled the computer. Her memory in my phone in a game, was destroyed by friends.. Its like, such 'miracle'. Never mind if you don't get a shit of what I am saying now.

Had the last 2nd paper of the End-Of-Years, History, one of my best subjects. But it was quite a "anyhow-do". Had started the day well when I went to met Juinli at 6 at Sembawang Macs'. Had quite a story before it too, which I was frightened by an Indian Woman. Lols.

The paper ended so early, which speaks troubles. Its the same old thing again, the loneliness I feel. Everyone had a place to go, Juinli was going to Sentosa with her clique, and others had their own plans. I wanted to wait for Cher and Jo, but somehow, I wasn't really happy about yesterdays'. I guess that they would not have guessed how pissed I was, they won't really bother.

So after the papers, I came home straight. Loner huh? And I am stuck at the computer until now, 15 hours? Sigh, I just want to isolate myself from the World. Anyway, I already am.

Guessed what, I played the game so long that I leveled more than 20 times in the game. -.-

Still, Happy Birthday Juinli, my lil' penguin. That was my surprise for yer'.